Safaricom anticipates more data and voice services in the North Rift

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Safaricom has set up a first of its kind ksh200 million worth facility in the North Rift looking to provide space to house equipment for the expanding Safaricom enterprise customer base in the region, improve quality of service to its subscribers and help reduce network outages.

This part of Safaricom’s ambitious network expansion plans to boost service delivery. The expansion plan has been driven by the demand from customers for data and voice services. This site is well equipped and has been designed in a way that will enable any future expansions to its core infrastructure in the region.

Safaricom invested Kshs 27.78 billion in infrastructure this year, providing over half of Kenya’s population with 3G coverage and providing 2G coverage to 90% of Kenyans. Safaricom has harnessed its proprietary fibre infrastructure to build a dedicated enterprise business which provides managed IT services to clients in the East African region.

Safaricom has 11 key equipment hubs in Kenya with Kapsoya, Eldoret being the first fully equipped state of the art in North Rift region. With the increasing subscriber base that stands at over 21 Million subscribers on its network, Safaricom will continue to focus on rolling out of 2G and 3G sites across the country to meet customer demands.

The center will help improve data speeds and address network failure issues, and this is part of the plan to make Safaricom the go-to network for all Kenyans.



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