Better and confusing option! Safaricom in trouble for new data plan

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Safaricom may be in the spirit of competition with Airtel’s unliminet or on a mission to kill ‘bundles mwitu’. They are definitely up to something with the new night and day internet bundles recently introduced. Before the insecure move Safaricom opted to make, bundles would cost a subscriber as low as ksh5 to as much as ksh11,000 plus only difference being the bundle would run for both day and night.

Though the change was without a heads up, (so rude by the way) the new internet bundle model will give subscribers more reason to make it the better option or even the more confusing option. With the aim of curtailing resell of internet bundles, Safaricom has received a backlash from COFEK (Consumers Federation of Kenya) which claims the company has gone against Consumer Protection Act Law that clearly elaborates on the difference between leasing and selling.

Since the reduction of number of times a subscriber can sambaza bundles and limitations on own contact data transfer, individuals are no longer in a position to manage data on different devices  they own which is a malicious move for them to decide what the subscriber does with data bundles once they purchase.

The federation has also requested Communications Authority to intervene on the matter and in the same breath put up measures to regulate the product to protect consumers from service providers. Ironically, Safaricom has claimed to have made the move in a quest to protect unsuspecting Subscribers from con data sellers. The matter is currently pending without ultimate verdict on the way forward.

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In the name of providing more affordable and accessible data connection for subscribers, Here are the changes  after data revision;


DAILY BUNDLES OFF-PEAK (10pm-6am) SMS Price      
5MB 5MB 5SMS 5


12MB 12MB 12SMS 10


25MB 25MB 25SMS 20


50MB 50MB 50SMS 30


100MB 100MB 100SMS 40


4MB 4MB 5


10MB 10MB 10


30MB 30MB 25


65MB 65MB 50


100MB 100MB 100


300MB 300MB 250


650MB 650MB 500


2GB 2GB 1000


5GB 5GB 2000


10GB 10GB 3000


25GB 25GB 5750


50GB 50GB 6750


1GB 300

Basic and heavy internet users are bond to feel the change by the telecommunication company as opposed to average purchasers which is the case with the M-Pesa revised tariff. The new data plan also comes with a calculator that will help you track internet use either on your Smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Just in case you buy internet bundles in bulk, you will need to purchase night bundles and keep your calculator close.

Safaricom is also giving you the subscriber internet options just in case you are as confused!

One email 35 kB
One email with attachments 300 kB
One email with photo 1024 kB
Web page 300 kB


Web page – mobile friendly 180 kB
Video downloads (minutes) 3072 kB
Streaming video (minutes) 3072 kB
Streaming Music (minutes) 500 kB
App downloads 15360 kB


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