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Truecaller is reimagining your phonebook to make it more intelligent and useful in a global launch of its revamped version of popular dial pad app Truedialer, available for free on Google Play.

With more than 100 million users, Truecaller offers its services in more than 200 countries around the globe and is now looking to entirely replace the native dial pad app on Android devices with significant improvements that make the experience faster, smarter, and more convenient.

The new Truedialer app includes a more intuitive app design, expanded search, and improved dual SIM support across more than 500 Android devices, allowing millions of handset customers to easily switch SIM cards in order to access the best rates for calling and data traffic.

Users will be able to replace their old, slow and boring for Android with the quickest and most convenient way to find their contacts. The dialer uses a simple and easy to use numeric pad to help find numbers within your phonebook as well as outside of your phonebook with Truecaller integration.

The app also gives you instant access to relevant information about people you are about to call, and you don’t have to worry about all those unknown numbers in your call history as Truecaller will fill out all the missing information for you.

The problem with today’s native dial pad experience on Android devices is that it’s incredibly static and since Google does not currently provide a standardized process to integrate dual SIM features for third party apps, this requires more work on the part of consumers and manufacturers to add them in.

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On many Android devices on the market, you would have to go to your settings, find the right menu item, then switch the default SIM cards for calls or SMS, and then go back to the dialer to make the call or place a text. With Truedialer, you are simply one-click away from being able to switch SIM cards and make calls, saving time and money, with added convenience.

New Truecaller upgrades :

  • Increased Dual SIM support for more devices: Truedialer now supports more than 500 Dual SIM devices, so that millions of consumers can take advantage of the best rates for data and calls from different operators.
  • Improved functionality and intuitive design: Advanced Swipe Right design allows you to add names to favorite contacts lists; Truedialer also shows what SIM card users call from within the app’s call log, and lets you make one-click calls from your dial pad, as well as ID unknown numbers in your call history.
  • Integration with Truecaller for enhanced search and convenience: Truedialer is integrated with Truecaller’s database of more than 1.6 billion numbers for contacts. This gives you the ability to conduct manual name or number search and provides instant access to relevant information about people you are about to call (even those outside of your phone book), while letting you save the information quickly for later use.

Truedialer 2.0 is available for free on Android, and a version of the app is also available on Windows Phone.

You can also download the free Truecaller app on popular platforms including AndroidiOS,WindowsPhoneBlackBerry and Nokia feature phones.

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