Nigeria Has Got Its Own Stock Exchange App-The NSE Ticker App

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  • Posted: February 26, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Obviously, the Nigerian Stock Exchange is one of the fastest growing stock markets in the world. This notwithstanding, accessibility to the NSE has been impeded by the lack of mobile applications for analyzing, presenting and consuming data on the NSE – a huge gap in a world where market transactions are conducted in real time.

And that’s why the NSE Ticker app equips investors with tools to understand the Nigerian Stock Exchange and conduct analyses of the influx of the data according to the developers. It is the first of a series of apps designed to help improve access to leading stock markets in Africa.

Revelations from the App Developer note that the NSE Ticker equips novice and professional investors as well as stock market enthusiasts with tools to: Analyze the NSE, easily seek out the best and worst performing companies from an ocean of stocks, and make informed investment decisions. The CMA here in Kenya has time and again said that more needs to be done to educate the public of securities, the intricacies thereof. This is a pretty nifty way to ensure this happens. Africa is powered by mobile, and what the NSE has done is exploit this technological phenomenon in a bid to advance its plight to the general masses. Bringing the stock market where the consumer is, that is and should be the goal of every stock market in Africa, in extension the globe. People would love have such information at their control and on-the-go. The App naturally will increase uptake in securities in Nigeria. The international clientele will relish this App, instead of always to get in a word from their broker or go through the hassle of acquiring relevant day; they can simply download the App on their mobile devices and woila! It quickens the decision of investment to a certain level. Combination of knowledge derived from this App and advice from your investment adviser goes a long way in making sure that your basket of eggs does not break.

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Now, the NSE Ticker employs a user-friendly interface and presents data on the NSE using four services, namely: Prices, Compare, Heat Map, and Snapshot.

Prices provide the following:

– Historic price charts and trade volume charts for all NSE securities.
– Staggered/Delayed real-time price, price change and percent change.
– High resolution PDF prints for price/volume chart.

Compare provides the following:

– Compare prices for up to 12 securities on the same chart.
– Normalized y-axis for easy comparison.
– Compare trade volumes for up to 12 securities.

Heat Map offers the following:

– View performance of all NSE securities at a glance.
– Easily pick out the best and worst performers.
– Color codes instantly show the state of the market on any day.

Snapshot offers the following:

– Summary card for each NSE security showing key performance indicators.
– All previously viewed data is cached on the device such that users have full access even when they lose connectivity. The NSE Ticker also gives users the ability to create high-resolution PDF charts on paper sizes A4 – A0.

The NSE Ticker is available worldwide for free on all compatible iPhone and iPad devices running iOS. Hopefully, they can employ the Android platform; all in all, three cheers for Nigeria.

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