Digital telco transformation accelerates digitalization

To ease the transition for operators seeking a new operating model to introduce and monetize the digital information, entertainment, finance and health services that customers want, Ericsson is introducing Digital Telco Transformation.

Digital Telco Transformation is an offering that combines consulting and systems integration services with the industry’s most comprehensive operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS) portfolio.

To be considered a digital telco, an operator must provide a consistent experience across all of the channels with which it interacts with its customers, ranging from mall-based service centers to the internet. Digital telcos should also be capable of seamless sales, up selling and customer retention, and able to provide subscribers with the highest possible levels of self-service.

Other prerequisites include near-real-time service delivery and activation processes, effective and integrated management of data assets from both within the company and from external channels, and the ability to provide the highest levels of customer experience.

Many operators are aware of the pressing need to transform themselves into digital telcos, but few are aware of the steps required to get there. Only a holistic approach that reinvents the telco operating model can ensure operators avoid major business model disruptions and realize their digital telco vision.

Ericsson does not advocate a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach to becoming a digital telco, because it recognizes that each operator is unique. “Instead we take a consultative approach that begins with helping the operator to define a strategy and goals based on its particular digital ambitions.” stated ¬†Ericsson¬†Vice President,¬†Paolo Colella,

The electronic manufacturing company will also offer consulting and systems integration services to integrate and manage the operator’s IT and network data assets with data from external channels such as the web and social media. Leveraging cloud, network functions virtualization and software-defined networking technologies, the firm is capable of driving network and IT convergence to foster digital service; innovation, marketing and delivery.

Ericsson at Mobile World Congress 2015

During Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, Ericsson is showing world-leading technology, service capabilities, and innovations. The Networked Society is transforming entire industries. ICT tools have become fundamental everyday resources for businesses, people and society.

The company is looking to lead the way with software, services, and hardware solutions that drive development in mobility, broadband and cloud, creating the foundation for new eco-systems, and transformation across industries. Mobile World Congress this year will talk about how to enable change-makers in the Networked Society.


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