Strategised wash off: This is why Google is ditching Uber

When first highlighted on Uber’s limited chances of thriving in Kenya, it seemed like another series of ‘shade throwing’ to a company looking to change the taxi industry in Kenya, now a state lying in the middle class economy even though not walking the talk yet. Uber is however just another luxury brand trying its lack on this one.

Despite widespread services around the globe, Uber has been termed notorious from reports of thuggery, rape cases, driver negligence and personal data misuse in particular the ability of uber staff to track the movements of its customers known as “God Mode”. Uber has therefore been served multiple lawsuits and bans in spain and India as it continues to be involved in disputes with several governmental bodies.

Even with so many shortcomings, Google still continues to be a major investor in the entity. Rolled out in 2010, Uber first received a fund boost from Google ventures worth $258 million in 2013 which goes down as Google’s largest investment ever. Less than a year down the line, Google injected more capital a trend that seemed a fine way of Google acquiring the company. The same year saw David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer and senior vice president of corporate development, join the Uber board of directors and has served on it ever since.

Google has however proved to be smarter than we thought and at this point, your bet is as good as mine; the firm is looking to roll out its own driverless car project a service that uber has hinted to venture on before. Call it shooting itself in the leg, fraud or deceit, I call it sharp. The move is definitely far from the anticipated acquisition and this is why Google might be ditching uber.

Uber’s stinking reputation

When it comes to courtesy and approach of business, Uber is quite not Google’s match. The company has been accused of rolling out services without formal authorization from government bodies around the world. Google is known to have a sophisticated approach to business establishment regardless of state level which has been a factor that has led to its wide spread services over the years.

With the continued law suits and accusations by government bodies and private entities, the trend is definitely not favourable to the business which might be an understandable reason of quitting the partnership and riding on its own.

Uber did not see it coming

Since its partnership with Google ventures, Uber was well aware it had hit jackpot considering well rooted establishment by the firm across continents. Google products used by the service are also another plus for the taxi service. Uber may not have bond Google to critical terms of partnership agreement that forbid the other party from actualizing a product/service of the same nature which is why they will have to watch the company get suffocated with Google’s David Drummond still an acting board member for Uber taxi services.

Google is good at copy pasting

In 2009, Google made a decision to launch an operating system for mobile phones called Android that competes directly with the software that powers Apple’s iPhone. The operating system today serves over 60% of gadget users and appears to be the most preferred system in the market. The move seems like another muscle to the ally territory once again this time round close to home.

Google feels threatened by Amazon

Business analyst Jeremiah Owyang predicted Google- Uber wash off when the company first rolled out the driverless cars currently being used by Google employees within the company’s facility. One of the reasons Google is looking to establish by itself according to Mr.Owyang is the heat from Amazon’s thriving business after the innovation of delivery drones.

The service took delivery times down to a mere 30 minutes by using an army of aerial drones The unmanned drones are equipped with GPS and can carry objects weighing up to five pounds, which is 86 percent of the objects Amazon delivers. Their range is up to 10 miles from any fulfillment center. Google is looking at a future where it will roll out self-driving cars for home deliveries.

Google’s enough infrastructure

If Google chose to establish an unmanned car service company, its own grown products would facilitate the service. We are talking Google Shopping Express, Google Wallet, Google Maps, Google Search. Currently, uber’s dependence goes beyond funding. Smartphone applications used by Uber staff depend on Google Maps which aids transportation patterns for both the customer and drivers. With or without uber, Google would still navigate the market.





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