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  • Posted: February 9, 2015 at 11:17 am

Computer Functionality: “Portrait of a Product.”
Download the Core Temp version 64-Bit v1.0 RC 5 for maximum efficiency of your CPU. It helps you in monitoring the critical temperature of your CPU for excellent computing.

Core Temp offers you an opportunity to observe and manage your processor’s workload by having an accurate reading of your thermal integrity as latest processors are equipped with the Industry Standard of a Digital Thermal Sensor. This works well efficient with the latest version of Core Temp to your satisfaction.

Core Temp provides a favorable interface for the ultimate user, but a substantial amount of technical knowhow is of essence. It’s a very vital utility to users who have a size-able workload schedule for their machines like gamers, web developers, science labs and so many more.

Core Temp temperature monitoring software has several excellent features, in that it is able to show real time temperature fluctuations for each core, thus allowing for effective planning of Machine Workload. Versatility to allow for customization, thus user satisfaction is ensured. Other features are adjustability, information report, and offsetting.

Core Temp has a New Multilingual Interface, Plug-in System to allow for third-party development, an Optimized Launch Code, that is, it should have a two-time of four-time start-up period, Restored support for earlier version of OS (Windows 2000 requires security updates, convenient if budget-conscious about getting a New Machine), Max TDP Protection for supporting processors, Advanced Fix Functionality for unreported bugs and problems; Augmented Support for VIA processors (C-3 Detection only), Intel Sandy Bridge Support (SB and SB-3, Piledriver, Fusion, Ivy Bridge, AMD Bulldozer, Augmented Support for Intel Pentium Processors. This is for the latest version. Download your Core Temp at an affordable price: FREE!
For Workload Efficiency, download your Core Temp and manage your Core Effectiveness, and overall Computing Functionality.
You can also go for the RC 6, whatever tickles your fancy!

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