Five Tips on How to Choose Proper Typing Techniques for Kids

Improving Keyboard skills: “A set of Keys.”

With a varying set of computing machines out there in the market, it behooves one to know what one requires for their kid. The purpose for which they wish to acquire a machine for their key kid- is it for the purpose of entertainment or education, or a balance of both? Knowing what is important for each kid’s development is of prime importance, and a balance of entertainment and education should be the ideal situation for which to acquire a device for your kid. There’s nothing as fruitful as maintaining such a delicate balance.

Entertainment and Education: “The Binary Balance.”

The foremost thing that one should know is: “Know your Kid.” Understanding how your kid thinks and what they are interested in is fundamental to improving their overall computer know-how, specifically, typing skills. This is the first thing that needs be done before getting your child the machine. Once you get this down, the next thing is to create a kid-friendly computing environment; this will include: knowing the right machine, developing a learning philosophy for each part of the computer. For the acquisition of a computing device, you need to consider the software and hardware implications in order for you to create a kid-safe computing environment, not to mention your budget outset. Kids, generally don’t need a strong computer, with complications, a hand me down might do, of course configured with the right settings; perhaps a Mac mini that has the requirements for your kid to explore and squeeze the creative juices to their maximum.

Developing a learning philosophy that will guide the child in their journey; for instance, setting up different advancing levels with interesting ‘catchy’ phrases, like for typing-‘learning to see with your hands and not your eyes’, to emphasize supreme typing skills. As the old adage goes-“when your kid knows what a computer is, makes them a ready kid, knowing how to open it makes them an exact kid, but how to type, makes them a full kid.”

Proper Computing Deportment:

Sitting the right way, like all things, computing has its etiquette. You need to have a dedicated computing area, with the right sitting apparatus, to ensure that your child doesn’t have a bad back. Teach them how to sit properly when using a computer- the back straight, the proper computer-user distance, the purpose for which the head must be tilted forward, and maintaining the right wrist pressure.

Efficient Keyboard Scheme:

For a kid, the best way to go is color. Teaching your child where each finger should go in the scheme, not only heightens acuity, it does so with remarkable improvement of typing skills. Starting from the original position, the”Pot of Gold” position (remember the catchy phrases), that is, the ASDF-JKL keys.

Typing Accuracy:

Seeing without seeing, teach your child in the way he should go- the wrist base position, how to move from the origin onwards. You must pay closer attention to the twinkies and ring fingers as they take time to develop.

Speed and Health:

Practice makes perfect, encouraging your child the importance of practice is always a surety that he’s typing skills will improve. Maintaining an allocated computing time ensures that there are no back health problems.


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