What Apple Might Do with Regard to Its Products and Services this Year?

-People are anticipating that Apple will launch a super-sized iPad, and it’s already getting street names such as “iPad Plus” or iPad Pro”.
-The unveiling of iPad Mini 4 just after summer; it is expected to have a faster processor and better camera.
-The iPhone 6S is expected to contain new features, but major design alterations have been reserved for the iPhone 7.
-Rumor has it that Apple will launch a 4” iPhone 6 Mini, about the same size as the iPhone 5and previous models.
-Brace yourself for the unveiling of Apple’s new Operating System, iOS 9.
-The Apps to be found in iOS 9 will fully utilize the intricacies of Apple’s recent programming language.
-Probability is that Apple will unveil a new version of OS X with increasing likelihood of it being named also a natural landmark in California after the previous two versions were named Mavericks and Yosemite respectively. The speculated natural landmark is ‘Shasta’, the volcano in Siskiyou County in California; or it could be “Rainbow” after the Rainbow Basin, “Turtle”, after Turtle Mountain, or even “Trona” after the Trona Pinnacles in San Bernadino, whichever, I am sure it will be great according Apple’s standards.
-Apple is expected to release a thinner MacBook Pro, a lot more like MacBook Air in visage, but with a kick of more power.
-This year Apple could boost the 21.5” iMac model with a 5K retina display. It is important to note that last year the 27-inch iMac got a superb 5K display, too.
-The MacBook Air is expected to get Apple’s 5K retina display, possibly ditching its MagSafe port for a USB Type-C port.
-A possible update for Apple Tv, it’s been three years.
-Increased SmartLiving integration-the year will be a quite a huge one Apple and WiFi devices. HomeKit in iOS 8 lets you manage stuff like your thermostat and appliances (a tool mostly used in the Western world).
-Apple Pay will expand exponentially as more companies and services increase their uptake of the platform, not to mention increased Apps taking advantage of the service.
-iPhone is expected to gain a new Beats Music Subscription Service, especially following the one-billion dollars worth of purchase of Beats, Dre’s brainchild.
-The Apple Watch is expected in spring, which begins in March and in April you would probably be able to buy it. The watch will have a new Operating System.
-Battery use for the Watch is speculated to support 2.5-4hrs of active utility, so that’s awesome.
-There is a possibility that Apple might update iPad Air again this year, having a sleeker design in terms of ‘thinnicity’ possibly.


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