Microsoft’s Windows 10 a Flop or Triumph?

It is quite interesting that the soon to be launched Windows 10 has already been termed as self-attack. Microsoft is literally shooting its own leg like it would appear with the Windows’ irresistible offer for users. I figure Microsoft is just being strategic to have Windows operating system relevant in a case users extensively upgrade to the cost free system whose price is likely to be low on its second year long enough to have users around until the launch of  the next series.

Windows 10 is scheduled to end the technical preview on 15 April which will follow the official launch scheduled for late-2015. The move to unify their operating systems and apps means less work for Microsoft as well as program developers which is not the same feeling shared by regular desktop PC users. If Microsoft would focus their attention on creating a fantastic computer experience with the Windows 10 and put everything else on a different category, users would be glad to have it as a desktop computing system only. Also, making it a Subscription based OS is quite a gamble.

The users’ interest is placed elsewhere other than just have it for free. People want to know what windows 10 is bringing to the table and how worthy it will be to switch to the system. Customers are also more interested on the exact time of the release and not the end of technical review. The exact pricing of the system is also one that users would appreciate knowing from the get go and an important piece of information is for them to know whether the system will be compatible with previous Windows apps.

On the good side of the release, if Microsoft’s Windows 7 and 8 users upgrade to Windows 10, the company will automatically claim over 60% of the PC market. The slight change of releasing the operating system may be the best thing ever happened to the company.

Here are some few facts you could use;

  • The Windows 10 Consumer Preview made its debut at Microsoft’s launch event on Wednesday 21 January, where multiple hardware and software updates were announced.
  • If you so not upgrade in the first year, you will be charged even though Microsoft has not come clear on the price
  • All windows devices will have Cortana and Spatan web browser introduced.
  • Microsoft also debuted the 84in Microsoft Surface Hub and Windows Holographic. The latter will allow users to create 3D models via a custom-built HoloLens.
  • The company’s share price dropped by 1.55 per cent after the launch
  • Windows-as-a-Service will allow developers to work across all Windows devices, as well as improving security.


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