Making Search Engine Optimization Work for You

‘Portrait of an Idea.’

“Just move to the internet, it’s great here. We get to live inside, where the weather is always awesome.” John Green, and a bunch of other three billion Internet users would mostly agree with this sentiment. This was the invention of a lifetime, one which will continue to be the glory of the human race for eons. There is no measure as to what kind of revolution the internet has done since its invention. Over the years, it has evolved and morphed into various forms, allowing for various platforms to be developed on it. This has allowed society to advance in unprecedented ways that have seen the wealth of many advance their lot in life. One of the many platforms that have developed riding this Internet wave is Internet Marketing, specifically Search Engine Optimization services.

The concept of Internet Marketing wasn’t part of the original structure of the Internet of exchange of emails and so forth. Since the introduction of the internet in the nineties, though relatively a young concept, the impact of online marketing has tremendously grown to phenomenal heights. Thus, the concept of Search Engine Optimization was born, which basically is, the revealing of oneself, well, usually in the form of a website. The nineties saw web developers and businesses enunciate this concept with the aim of ameliorating their existing business conditions, with profound business consequences then, hitherto.

In Search Engine Optimization, we find concepts like page-ranking, web promotion, monitoring the fluctuation of placement in the rankings, increasing traffic, website submissions, search engine marketing.

Search Engine Optimization techniques like “table trick”, innovated by Detlev Johnson (whereby an empty set of cells is placed in a table, making the content appear higher in the page, which allows for stronger search engine response), the “black-hat”, and white-hat” strategies, among others.

“Cloak of Visibility”
Internet marketing applies the concepts found in SEO to provide services to the varied clientele with remarkable results. Internet marketing firms offer packages that are budget-friendly, with a dedicated staff to cater to the client’s need, being Google Panda and Penguin compliant. The packages they offer could include: Website Check, Website Ranker, Website Domination, Google Places Domination; each package with its price tag and features. Website Check offers Potential Crawl Impediments, Content Quality, External Linking Strategy, Internal Linking Strategy; Website Ranker offering Phrasing (two-key phrases), the most profound being Video Creation and Submission and Social Signals, inclusive of many that they offer. Website Domination offers On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, and Two-Press Releases. Google Places Domination tends to be the most expensive and lucrative of the packages, offering such things as Quality Unique Content, Citations/ Local Biz Directory Submissions, Top Five Google Places Listing, obviously the most profitable of the features.

They Offer money-back guarantees, thus, making it fully risk-free, where applicable. Internet marketing firms provide features such as White-label reporting, Keyword analysis, Quality support, Guarantee, Manual Link building, Onsite SEO Analysis. Sustainable Search Engine Optimization meant for making your brand ride the wave of success that this concept has left in its wake. “Search engine optimization does not specialize in tasks that will make pigs soar high into the sky. Its real task is to dig deeper into the genetics of a website and reengineer the essential elements until it transforms into an eagle,” Bruce Clay wouldn’t have said it any other way. So if you are planning to start an internet marketing firm with excellent SEO services, then you should offer such services, perhaps you are already running such a firm or are interested in optimizing your internet visibility, it would go a long way for you to get the best of professional advice and/or knowledge.


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