Kenya Cyberoam Partner Summit 2014 for East Africa

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  • Posted: January 22, 2015 at 4:15 pm

Cyberoam is the industry leading identity-based Unified Threat Management (UTM) range of appliances of Cyberoam Technologies Private Ltd and concluded its Partner Summit 2014 for its East African partners in Kenya. Mombasa was chosen as the venue for the three day event which started on Dec 05th at Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa. The event attended by Cyberoam’s majority partners in the region had a mix of fun-filled activities along with business and technology sessions.

During the proceedings, Cyberoam awarded its regional partners for their sales performance and discussed its future road-map and expansion strategy with them. The company has a strong channel presence in the region and tremendous scope for network security appliances in East Africa where new businesses are rapidly expanding their infrastructure. The region has the potential of being a high growth market and holds major importance for Cyberoam.

“It was a great experience; we had some massively invigorating and informative sessions during this event. It must be said that we now have a better outlook on future of networks in Africa. Cyberoam is already known for its channel focused initiatives and events like these will further increase its following among partners” commented Mr. Maloo, MD Mart Networks Cyberoam Distributor for Kenya and Tanzania.

Cyberoam has an extensive program for its partners ranging technical trainings and certifications along with marketing and sales support capacities. For the purpose of stimulating partner performance the company also provides attractive incentives and reward offers from time to time.

Cyberoam’s country manager for Tanzania, Mr. Kalpesh Maheshwari, commented that “We are committed to deliver a future ready security portfolio which offers perfect fit for organizations of all sizes, and in meeting this commitment our partners play a crucial role. Thus, it is of prime importance that we remain on the same page. Partner Summits provide us the much needed opportunity to interact with our partners face-to-face. Although, we are constantly involved with our partners throughout the year, it is events like these which set the tone for future.”

The network security market growth in East Africa is mainly driven by rise of financial services, retail and telecommunications sectors along with regulatory requirements such as those set by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). With the increasing severity of malwares and phishing attacks, established businesses are also being forced to revisit their security posture. Additionally, the uptake in the government sectors is expected to increase as some regions have seen major political developments in the recent times. Cyberoam will be looking forward to make most of these opportunities.

With presence in more than 125+ countries worldwide, Cyberoam is a network security vendor that specifically caters to a critical need of organizations – identifying users in the network – which gives it an edge in the network security and its comprehensive security solutions successfully empower businesses across all verticals.

Previously, Cyberoam announced the appointment of Mr. Philip Obondy as Channel manager for Kenya. Mr. Obondy heads Cyberoam’s intensive efforts in building up vibrant partner community by driving superior service and support for customers that will enable Cyberoam to capture the market in biggest probable way. Mr. Obondy brings with him extensive experience in developing and growing partner networks and sales and has held senior positions in reputed security companies. Mr. Philip Obondy commented, “The channel partner community in Kenya is vibrant and developing towards an accelerated growth. With a strong and differentiated product such as Cyberoam, all we need is to focus on building relationships with our partners and empowering them in terms of training, support and marketing. And I believe unprecedented success will be for us to see.” He further added that, “I look forward to not only developing new and unflinching synergies with our partners, but also bolstering our relationships and commitments with existing partners as well.”

The concept of security has changed with how organizations, individuals, and governments have access to data and process transactions over the Internet. For instance business systems in small offices continuously put their IT estate at risk to malware threats. No one wants to think about threats and costs associated with recovery after a security breach, Cyberoam steps in to offer a peace of mind to users by coming up with a Unified Threat Management appliance that helps small offices manage security threats. Cyberoam predicates the effectiveness of this appliance on performance behind the scenes. At a cost of USD 400 in East Africa, the CRI0iNG brings together the intelligence of Cyberoam’s new operating system and hardware to offer a speedy and responsive signal on attacks by probing all cases from risk management to threat detection using firewalls. Circumstantially, firewalls are the first line of defiance against external intrusions while also connecting the network with the outside world, the appliance does not record any slow down when firewall security is fully enabled on it. “Traffic continued to pass through the device with minimum impact and it stood up to its claim of Firewall throughput close to 400 Mbps and UTM throughput of 60 Mbps, even when conditions were not optimum”, declared Philip Obondy, Cyberoam’s Channel Manager, Kenya. It is peevishly difficult to predict anything in IT, leave alone security threats, Cyberoam’s appliance offers small offices with Stateful Inspection Firewall, an Intrusion Prevention System, Gateway Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware, Gateway Anti-Spam, Web Filtering, among others to be able to handle what security breaches will look like in the next five, to ten years. To assist in ensuring internet security for millions of people who access internet via Smartphones daily (over 67% percent of Kenyans), Cyberoam just previously introduced Sophos end-point protection portfolio for sale by their partners in Kenya and Tanzania. Sophos offers a broad range of protection offering coverage for operating systems, desktops, mobile devices, gateways and Exchange servers. It can manage complex compliance requirements as well as filtering by policy and appliance (this only means managing the content you get or access in cyberspace). Sophos can protect off-network laptops and PCs to manage remote or traveling workforces.

Internet has pervaded all avenues of our lives, therefore knowing how to navigate its dark corners and make efficient use puts us in a better position to derive the maximum benefit from it and Cyberoam helps you in this journey. I look forward to their next round!

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