Interact with your bank’s call center by video thanks to Avaya

When individuals talk, share, and see each other individually or in group, no matter how far or close they are in physical terms, they build strong and loyal relationships. Interactive mobile engagement environments would not only  help accelerate the country’s modernization of services, but also enable teams to build strong and loyal relationships within an organization and ultimately, drive incremental business returns and customer satisfaction.

On the just concluded Avaya Engage tour in Kenya, attended by more than 150 government and enterprise customers and partners, Avaya Inc demonstrated a number of mobile engagement environments tailored to solve some of the most pressing business challenges in the country and extending the access of Kenyans to government, healthcare, education, banking and telecommunications amongst others.

One of the mobile engagement solutions presented is the video-enabled, ATM like self-service kiosk,  whereby customers of any bank in the country can transact with the bank’s call center, by video, virtual collaboration, email, social media, chat, SMS or phone, and to even switch between devices while talking to the same bank agent. With self-service kiosks, customers can instantly receive and securely apply for instant banking products and services such as, credit and debit cards, banking statements and loan applications, amongst others.

The self-service kiosks are one scenario of how mobile engagement environments can be created and tailored to solve specific business challenges. These environments are built on Avaya SmartEngage, a tailored combination of Avaya and third-party solutions and services, designed to enable Kenyans to work, learn, and transact from anywhere in the country, using any mobile, computing or wearable device.

Mobile engagement environments are set to accelerate the build-up of a connected Kenya, where businesses, governments and citizens engage in a seamless, mobile and video-enabled, multi-channel world, where services are available anytime, anywhere and on any device.

As of now, Avaya is working with a number of government bodies, telecom service providers, banks, airlines and educational institutions to modernize their communication infrastructure with the latest cloud-enabled, open standards, Customer and Team Engagement and Networking solutions. The company has also built a solid, experienced and reliable partnership model with some of the leading technology solutions providers in Kenya.

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