Silver is the Financial Application to Help you keep your Credit Cards in Check

Credit cards have become part of our lives, much like the way social media has meandered its way into the very intimate corners of your lives. Did you know that there are over 10,000 credit card transactions worldwide every second? Credit cards in Kenya are beginning to be established and credited as a financial device, but its benefits are largely restricted to the upper levels of the income strand. Quite recently, actually in October, Kenya saw a deal completed between Equity Bank and the all-American corporate giant, AmericanExpress. Especially with the burgeoning consumerist culture in Kenya and Africa seeing the proliferation of shopping malls, supermarkets and famously global retail outlets, the upsurge in credit card applications will only continue. Credit cards are a great tool in mitigating your monetary movements, but can remain a looming danger for the financially unwise. Before we delve into the wonderful world of this new Killer App, it is imperative that we look at some essential and random facts about credit cards:

Credit cards provide interest-free credit from the time of purchase to the end of the billing period.

Access to unsecured credit (no collateral required against amounts charged)

Interest-free payment from time of purchase to the end of the billing period

Instant payment of purchases, allowing for instant receipt of goods and services

Coverage for purchases if the item is damaged, stolen or not delivered within 90 days

24/7 access

Fraud protection with zero liability to the consumer in cases of fraud

Other rewards and benefits, such as air travel points, car insurance, damage and loss insurance and extended warranty programs. The above-said facts relate to the individual consumer, retailers also feature in this pretty list of facts of ours.

For some random facts:

Credit cards are in use in over 200 countries worldwide and at millions of locations,

The first general credit cards were made from paper and had a limit of $300,

The inventor of the first bank-issued credit card was John Briggs, a banker from the Flatbush National Bank of New York.

There are a variety of credit cards out there and not all of them would suit you and that is where our beautiful Silver App comes in. It was developed by Silver Money Services as a mobile application to help its users find the best possible credit cards that would meet them at their point of need, so to speak. It was launched about one month ago. It is available for Android on Google Play and for the iOS App Store. So, how does this help you towards your journey to Credit Card Land, well, not to worry, you won’t have to perform some chaotic Alien Math, all you need is to answer a bunch of easy-to-understand questions and woila! Silver will find the best option for you in a matter of seconds from where you can apply using your mobile device and get approved instantly. It is all about getting personalized expert advice on which credit route to take that fits your boots, in a matter of saying. Credit cards search has never been this fast and easy to do. Using this App, you will find all the best deals that include cashbacks, no annual fee, rewards, only the prime balance ever and the some! And for those with inquiring minds and wish to hear the neigh straight from the horse’s mouth, you can also call in one tap customer service and have the answers you seek in seconds.

Owning a credit card is a journey, one of sound and fury signifying everything that could go right and wrong with its use. At least now you have a partner to join you in that journey-Silver Financial App helping you compare hundreds of credit cards at once.


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