DOLFI: Pocket –sized washing machine that uses ultrasound to wash out your stains

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Technology has recorded advancement over time in every part of the human life from the office, means of navigation to home appliances. 2015 edition of Consumer Electronics Show brought with it exciting home appliances from TVs to washing machines.

Samsung rolled out its latest washing machine that has been termed a response to do away with manual processes that consumers still have to do while washing clothes which is pretreating garments. Samsung therefore added a sink, complete with water jet and a surface for scrubbing away stains right into the top of the machine.

Instead of having to schlep soiled shirts and unwashed unmentionables from the bathroom to the basement, people can now just dunk their dirty clothes into the washer, let them soak, then drop them into the basin via a slot. The water used in the pretreating step isn’t wasted; it goes into the machine, too.

Samsung washing machines are known for speed and simplicity making them a people’s choice. Well, technology does not stop at an added basin to ease the cleanup process. Swiss engineering lab has launched Dolfi a pocket –sized washing machine that uses ultrasound to vibrate stains out of your clothes.

The only of its kind washing machine is much gentler on garments and safe for delicate material. Dolfi is also a travel partner you do not want to leave behind on any trip ‘travel patner’ being one of the inspiration behind creating the gadget. Users will now pack the exact right amount of clothes and with Dolfi, individuals will not have to worry about the hustle of washing any garments on vacation.

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So, how does it work?

First, fill your sink with water, detergent and clothes. Then put in the Dolfi, immediately, its transducer sends out the ultrasonic sound waves, creating powerful water micro-jets as the resultant bubbles implode. These jets do all the cleaning and this is where the users’ job is eased up. The device is also a perfect machine for home use since it eliminates hand-washing for delicates.


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