Google translate new updates: travel companion first on list

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‘Stomach bloated- why?’, ‘why do I feel gassy?’, ‘white girl from orange is the new black’, ‘Amina-Kenya’ this are some of the ridiculous search entries Google has to deal with every wake. Even so, users still get the intended results thanks to Hummingbird an expanded query analysis by the search engine. Google definitely deserves more credit for doing the dirty work of thinking for its users each time they type on the search space.

Then Google maps, Google translate among other practical products the firm has provided in a bid to ease human operations. Google translate is the latest nicety rolled out by the company with recent updates making the application even better. The new upgrades will take care of conversations that need translation which goes as far as road signs.

The update released for Android and iOS will help create seamless real-time conversations. You only need to place your phone between two parties conversing normally and the device can detect which of the two languages the users are speaking on the fly. The application will then provide a written translation as well as speak the words. The user is therefore sure of a flowing conversation with the real time conversation upgrade. With reports of the translation spec not very accurate so far, Google has also worked on a better way for you to know your way around the city with its accurate scan mode spec, that now translates text on the fly.

Foreign menus have been a nightmare in restaurants across the world but Google has your back on this with the text translation function that will also aid in translating any itemized lists. The new Word Lens instant translation is however available from English to and from French, German, Italian , Portuguese, Russian and Spanish currently with plans to expand on languages. The older photo translation is now available in 36 languages across continents. The new updates make Google a great companion next time you are on a trip abroad.

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