‘Foodini’ 3D food printer makes it possible for you to print your pizza and more

A friend of mine once told me the day technology will provide food at the press of a button, then the fever of tech adoration will have won him over. Well, the day is here thanks to Foodini machine a 3D printer for food. The printer machine does not have much difference from the regular machine except for the fact that it produces food in real time according to the user’s preference.

How it works

Well, at this point you might be wondering whether the machine cooks the food…what the minimized manufacturing plant does is manage the difficult and time-consuming parts of food preparation that often discourage people from creating homemade food. Lazy just got to another level but that’s what technology is for. On a lighter note though, preparing food doesn’t have to be hectic any more.

The machine uses normal ingredients that are loaded into stainleless steal capsules which are then squeezed out as preferred.  The user first mashes up ingredients into pasty form ready for the machine capsules, load the ingredients into the capsules then print using the touchscreen device that connects to the internet and enables creation of choice if the food is meant to be served uncooked.

The machine is capable of creating a wide range of dishes from sweet to savory with a process that incorporates different temperatures, consistencies and textures. ‘Foodini’ also creates complex designs such as detailed cake decorations of desired shapes. The machine can be of great help for recipes that require precision and dexterity such as pasta and homemade pizza.

The good news for foodies is that ‘Foodini’ machine also connects a recipe site in the cloud therefore targeting professional kitchen users to provide an internet of things kitchen appliance since users are able to control the device remotely using a smartphone which will help them share their recipes with the community.

Eventually, it may be possible to feed your daily biostats to an app that determines what amount of which vitamins and minerals you need to treat or prevent certain health conditions. This data would be sent to a 3D food printer that could prepare your meals with the right ratio of ingredients and, in a severely futuristic world, even alter the taste so that you think you’re getting stare but really you’re getting steak-like food paste.

That is the future Natural Machines the creators of Foodini are looking at with plans of collaborating with major food manufacturers to create pre-packaged plastic capsules that can be loaded into the machine to make food.


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