What to Expect from the Samsung S6’S Release

Dubbed ‘Project Zero’, Samsung is poised to release one of its flagship products of 2015, the Samsung 6 at the Mobile World Congress to be held in March 2015 (2nd); although there is nothing official from Samsung as yet (and they may take a while before they give us something substantial), what we do know is the fact that there are going to be two versions of it and there are speculated opinions on the full specs of the phone, though nothing is set on stone. In fact from the Samsung Galaxy S2 onwards the company has always announced its phones at or close to MWC, and we’re almost certain the same will hold true for the Galaxy S6.But, before I list the possible and probable specs of the phone, I feel that it is incumbent upon me to give you a hint at the probable pattern that Samsung releases its products-The way Samsung launches phones is easy to figure out: case in point, the flagship ‘S’ model appears, and then a few months later the improved Note pops up. Case in point, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 made its appearance to pave way for the coming of the “S6”.
There’s no real information on what the Samsung Galaxy S6 might cost either, but this is a flagship phone we’re talking about. We are assured that the specs will be better than the S5; then it stands to reason that it will cost more than its predecessor, which at launch sold for 972 dollars. It is rumored than it might have a more premium build, but I would be surprised if it sold for more than 1000 dollars, not to mention that the S5 sales weren’t that auspicious-I am sure that the tech giant is devising a strategy to deal with the same. Consequently, there are rumors that the company is quick to market the phone immediately after its launch according to a local news outlet in Korea, possibly in a bid to offset the disappointing sales from the predecessor.
With regard to the design, Samsung is going to have to be creative because online reviews of the S5 were not kind, slamming the plastic-build quality, a possible contributing factor to the gloomy sales. In this regard, Samsung is rumored to be using either of two materials- graphene or metal, but the more likely scenario is that the company will proceed to use the metallic design in its Galaxy Alpha with the S6. Earlier on the outset I mentioned that they are bound to be two variations of the phone-the first version according to speculators will be in metal, a possible unibody metallic design or just have metal accents, but an alleged unibody metallic frame like that of iPhone 6 was leaked. Quite recently, a mystery device using Samsung’s My KNOX could well be the Samsung Galaxy S6 – complete with slim bezels and a half-metal frame. According to AndroidPit the Galaxy S6 will have a UV sensor and fast-charging. The S6 will also feature a fingerprint scanner, microSD slot and unidirectional headphones. According to GSM-arena, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be available in Charcoal Black, Copper Gold, Electric Blue and Shimmery White.
Samsung is manufacturing Tizen (an operating system based on the Linux Kernel, implementing the Linux API) products but it’s almost a certainty that the Galaxy S6 will stick with Android. Google has announced Android 5.0 Lollilop, which means Samsung has plenty of time to get this version pre-installed. Incidentally, we should be expecting a new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. Sammobile depicts that Samsung is prioritizing enhanced themes customization with future devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S6. A Themes Center will let you change system sounds, fonts and Events (Valentine’s Day), neat! Get this; there will be also a Themes Store, just like the Samsung store or Google Play Store sweet!
Processor, Storage, and Memory
Beneath its hide, it is perceived that the S6 will be powered by one of Qualcomms’s 64-bit processors (Android Lollilop can support 64-bit) and have already been announced and scheduled to be inside devices in the fast half of 2015, coincidence, I think not, one doesn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to make educated deductions about all these S6 business. The Snapdragon 808 and Snapdragon 810 are the two options here and Samsung could launch each in different markets. The former supports up to 1600 x 2560 displays and the latter allows for full 4K. SamMobile claims the Galaxy S6 will come with its own new Exynos 7420, a 64-bit chip with four Cortex-A53 and four Cortex-A57 cores. Nevertheless, there will also be a Snapdragon 810 version, which is the one expected in the UK. So, this will be a high-functioning phone, I wonder which version will get in Kenya!? With regard to storage, the phone is rumored to come in 32-, 64- and 128 GB models to choose from. Samsung is likely to equip the Galaxy S6 with 3GB of RAM, plus a microSD slot that accepts up to 128GB.
Majority of the rumors imply the Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature a 20Mp rear camera. However, SamMobile says the firm is presently deciding between the existing 16Mp and the new 20Mp camera, and believes it is highly likely that the firm will stick with 16Mp with optical image stabilization like the Note 4.
Front cameras are increasingly important and the Galaxy S6 looks set to get a 5Mp shooter to match the recently announced Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5.
Miscellaneous Specs
GSMArena posits that Samsung Galaxy S6 will also feature dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, WI-FI Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS and an IR blaster. When it comes to accessories, Sammobile has leaked the following:
• • EF-CG920B — Zero-F S View Cover Case ?
• • EP-PG920I — Zero-Flat S Charger Pad Power ?
• • EF-WG920B — Zero-F Flip Wallet Case ?
• • ET-FG920C? — Zero-F Screen protector ETC
• • EF-YG920B — Zero-F Protective Cover [PULeather] Case ?
• • EF-QG920B — Zero-F Protective Cover [Clear] Case
• • EF-YG925BMEBUS — Zero Protective Cover [PULeather] Case ?
• • EF-WG925BSEBUS — Zero Flip Wallet Case PVR
• • EF-QG925BGEGWW?? — Zero Protective Cover [Clear]Case
The S6 will be selling with Sennheiser earbuds according to Sammobile, a move geared toward audio-junkies, with apt-X, meaning they can work wirelessly, that’s super awesome!Charging system will probably remain the same, but probably you can expect StoreDot’s Flashbattery in Samsung’s devices pretty soon-it can charge your battery fully in one minute. Although, it used Samsung 5 as a test subject at the CES show to reveal its genius, it remains a dream in the pipeline.
Looking Toward the Future with Samsung
Samsung’s profits have continued to fall as the company faces steep competition from other smart-phone makers, especially from Chinese firms as Xiaomi that make really nice android phones that sell for half as much as Samsung’s most lucrative phones . Profits were down 37% for the holiday quarter 2014; a contributing factor to the speculation that Samsung could begin immediate marketing after launch to balance its financial scales. Thusly, the company’s big challenge with the Galaxy S6 will be to prove that the phone’s software and services are more powerful and useful than those of other Android phones and worth the premium price. It’s all a game of speculation, a wait-and-see approach, but educated guesses nonetheless.
Fingers-crossed, while we stare into the crystal together!


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