2015 BAKE Kenyan Blog Awards submission phase now open

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Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) has today announced the launch of its fourth annual Kenyan Blog Awards that recognize exceptional Kenyan bloggers that have great and useful content presented in a creative and innovative format.

The inaugural BAKE Blog Awards was held in 2012 and it had 14 categories; best technology, photography, creative writing, business, food, agriculture, fashion, politics, sports, general and corporate blogs as well as giving out awards for the “tweeps” of the year. 300 blogs were submitted and 10,000 people voted. The gala event to award the winners was held on 5th May 2012 at the Nairobi Serena.

The second edition of the awards which were held in 2013 and had 15 categories ; The ‘Lifestyle/Entertainment’, ‘Blog of the Year’ & ‘Travel Blog’ were added as categories and the two Twitter categories i.e. Best Individual Tweep & Best Corporate Tweep. Over 500 blogs were submitted and 50,000 people voted. The gala event to awards the winners was on 4th May 2013 at Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi.

In 2014 the awards were held at intercontinental Nairobi and it had 17 categories. 2 new categories “Best County Blog’ and ‘Best Health Blog” were added. Over 800 blogs were submitted and more than 50,000 voted in the 2014 awards. The 2014 awards produced a tie on the Best Sports Blog category which was a first for the awards.

The 2015 edition will have 18 categories new on the list being ‘Best Education Blog’ category which will reward blogs about education matters and those run by educational institutions.

To submit blogs into the competition, bloggers and fans of bloggers should visit blogawards.co.ke/submit.

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The timeline for the awards will be as follows:

  1. Submission phase – January 9th2015 to February 18th 2015
  2. Judging phase – February 19th 2015 to February 28th 2015
  3. Online voting – March 2nd2015 to April 30th 2015.
  4. Winners Gala Event – May 2nd 2015.

This year, the awards will have 18 categories with the addition of ‘Best Education Blog’.

  1. Best Technology Blog
  2. Best Photography Blog
  3. Best Creative Writing Blog
  4. Best Business Blog
  5. Best Food Blog
  6. Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog
  7. Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog
  8. Best Politics Blog
  9. Best New Blog
  10. Best Corporate Blog
  11. Best Topical Blog
  12. Best Sports Blog
  13. Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog
  14. Best Education Blog
  15. Best Travel Blog
  16. Best Health Blog
  17. Best County Blog
  18. Kenyan Blog of the Year
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