Your company logo could be the downfall of your business.

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Before putting up a business or institution today, there are many factors to consider away from the usual business plan elements that should obviously be sober. Many business owners however disregard how important the company logo is. This is the first thing potential customers interact with even before knowing the product or service provided by the manufacturer.

Maybe It has never occurred to you but successful companies across the world have very strategic logos that is the reason you keep going back for more. So, next time you have an idea and about to establish it, pay attention to the logo and tagline below it. However, some of the big companies globally do not have much to say in their logo and that is just but a risk and it explains their unstable position in the respective markets.

It all comes down to psychology. Customers want to feel appreciated and they demand a feeling of loyalty from the product or service provider. Here are some of the logos that have won over users;

companies reaping out of their logos



First glance at this logo calls for another and then interest to study the playful clolours and ultimately use the service for the first time. Google logo has four primary colours in a row then the ‘l’ breaks the monotony intentionally to show that Google does not play by the rules and they are playful without having to make the logo a bulk by using simple letters and colours.


apple logo

Apple uses a bitten apple fruit as logo which is really exciting at the same time triggers curiosity. How possible is it to only get a bite out of an apple?  Well, Apple went back in time when the apple was used first which is in the bibilical creation story of Adam and Eve; “Tree of Knowledge”.  The logo has however been said to be in respect to Alan Turing Famous mathematician and creator of the enigma machine, essentially the world’s first supercomputer. Turing famously committed suicide by lacing an apple with cyanide and eating it, hence the bite out of the apple. That is however just an urban legend.  The logo symbolizes our use of their computers to obtain knowledge and, ideally, enlighten the human race.

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nailab logo


Nailab is a startup accelerator that offers a 3 – 6 month entrepreneurship program with focus on growing innovative technology driven ideas. The logo literally means incubation which is derived from the bee hive concept. The singular cell that is picked for Nailab shows the centrality of Nailab in facilitation of building and connecting and all the other cells are part of the bigger picture, which is solutions developed.  It in a nutshell means “Creating something from the inside”


Wonder why you won’t stop shopping at Amazon? The logo has it. Looking at the logo, there is an arrow pointing from A-Z in form of a smiley this means amazon’s main mission is to make their customers happy and the fact that the arrow is pointing A-Z means it has a large variety of items for scale from A to Z.



Looking at it the mobile manufacturer logo may come across as a simple company name and now that not much creativity has gone into it just at a glance. This goes back to psychology; the logo is tilted ten degrees from the x-axis which was intentionally meant to produce a sense of dynamic tension making the company name Samsung seem like it is bleeding out of the mark having the outer shape seem like a spotlight crystalizing the brand name.

Again the colour blue signifies trustworthiness, reliability and commitment in service.



The multinational technology and consulting corporation that manufacturers and markets computer hardware and software is well spread across the world because the logo has a hidden message for the whole world. The white lines passing through the appearance of the equal sign in the lower right corner representing equality.

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Known for its tag line ‘connecting people’, the company ranks as one of the most valuable brands across the world. The blue pronounced colour on the ‘Nokia Pure’ font by Dalton Maag symbolizes communication, excellence, reliability, approachability and commitment in service while the white colours stand for purity and emotion. All in a course to win over customers.


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