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Have you ever thought about your behavior on social media? Most of you definitely have and maybe it mattered or you just shove the thought in the name of democracy, freedom of speech and human nature that everyone should deal with. What was social media made for anyway? Talk, vent, explore… the list on your mind goes on and on.

Wait, what is social media meant for anyway? On a serious note; technically, we would term social media as a communication platform for people to share, co-create, discuss and modify user generated content. This is why you are free to post pictures when you are about to jump into the bathroom, others when you are done taking a shower, clothes you jump in to and whatever it is you find fit for people to know. Remember, that is you finding it fit!

Well, this talk has been had a million and one times or maybe I lost count. Why people do not get it is what I gave up putting my head around. Let me give it a shot though…this time round both ways. Is social media misdefining you? Inflating or deflating your character? Have you become slave to social media? Are you happy to be on social media? Just think about the questions…deeply.

Social media is just a distraction in life. A distraction you need and we call that positive distraction. Today, social media has turned out an important tool in any interview under the sun, just tell me your name and in seconds I will have known a thing or two about you. Away from Facebook and Twitter. Google being a social media platform too knows elements about you that you actually did not think anyone knows and by just using the right words about an individual on the search engine, the platform is more than generous to share the ‘tea’.

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A perfect definition of shaky grounds. Tread carefully this could either make or break you. We have three types of social media users according to me; the extreme characters, voice of reason and the feed-ons. I however came across this other types of users and I think this makes sense;

The Creator

This is the person who creates social media for the world to see. This type of user will publish blog posts or web pages, upload videos/images/audio and share content online.

The Critic

The person who responds to content posted by others. Posts ratings and reviews of products and services, comments on blogs and forums and contributes to articles in a wiki.

The Collector

The person who organizes content for themselves or others using RSS feeds, social bookmarking (ex: Digg) and photo or page tagging.

The Joiner

The type of person who joins social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter and maintains multiple profiles.

The Spectator

This type is probably the most common – The person who reads blogs, views user-generated videos (ex: YouTube), reads online forums, listens to podcasts and frequently searches for user reviews and ratings.

The Inactive

The person who is online but in no way participates in any form of social media. Doesn’t post anything or read anything which is user-generated content. This type is becoming rarer as more websites integrate elements of social media into their website.

That is not the point though, what does social media make you? Today, individuals want to be taken seriously and most of the social media users have realized that is the only sure way to success.  Keeping your profile ‘clean’; photos appear official and decent, having fun has to be playing golf and your profile has no selfies because you don’t want to look idle. Then you own another account where now the real you is elicited. This is where you have photos of you at vodka sprees, road trips sticking out your tongue and photos at a masquerade party showcasing freaky.

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First off, finding your other account is pretty easy in this day of technology. You will not get that anticipated job if you are not honest with who you are neither will you get that investment fund you have been chasing for years. Social media offers a wide play ground that you need to use carefully else you are as good as crucified and a slave to the platform. Being real is the only answer to your social media presentation. You will only be hired by your employee if you are bringing with you humanity. Forget  Gandi Mahatma’s quotes on your wall that you only post to please your circle of friends. Mean what you post and be realistic.

Don’t take realistic for bringing out your peter pan behavior on social media. No one wants to develop this sad affection for you since you are always playing victim. You might not be weak, but that is what you showcase on social media. Yet another mistake. No one wants to be associated with a weakling. Be real in the right measure and present yourself like you would want to be addressed.








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