Nokia’s Here Maps a big joke on Google maps

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So, after Nokia exited the gadget industry, the company has decided to bombard us with anything you could use and still find the company relevant. Recently, the company hit the market with the N1 Tablet to remind the world of its existence and now the firm has decided to face off Google.

For all those who have been looking forward for Google maps alternative, Nokia has done it (or maybe). The former gadget manufacturer has released Here Maps on Google play. While it’s not as multi-talented as Google Maps, its simple interface specializes in navigation (especially driving) and offline mapping — this may be ideal for trips abroad where cellular data isn’t guaranteed. The biggest additions with the Google Play edition are support for 18 new countries and some bug fixes.

According to those who have used the app, Installing the new version from Google Play is simpler and more straightforward than ‘sideloading’ HERE for Android from Google Play will also make sure that your phone notifies you to update the app, so you can be confident that you will always have the latest version. There is no need to uninstall the existing version, and there will be no need to reinstall downloaded maps or voices.

A lot of people have actually expressed interest in the Ios version of the app as well as the android one which seems like the normal ride users take on newly launched apps and devices before they embark on the former.

Nokia has however endorsed Google maps usability but has however emphasized on its newest effort includes voice-guided navigation, the ability to download maps for offline use, and public transit information. Google has long offered those features, while Apple has yet to give users control of tile caching and does not include public transportation data.

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Nokia has promised to upgrade the system and spread it to more countries come 2015.

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