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If there is something that can addict you a lot, then it is nothing but earning some fortune in the slot machine. All you do is to put in some money and then press the lever. You can double or even triple the money, and there are also chances that you have lost all of them. But, this is an excellent way to make your observation sharp and quick reflex reactions. But never forget that your stars should shine bright for this. So, there are enough chances of loss, and you cannot expect playing it to be convenient always. These cumbersome devices can gobble all the money and you cannot keep visiting Las Vegas every other week, and you can see that lots of money is involved in this process. Still want to risk money for the slot games? Now, forget about money, and you can enjoy the ecstatic game with the mobile slots app, with the Slotomania games. This is an app for the Android and iOS devices too.

What’s Special about Slotomania?

You drop a coin and push the button and play the game in the virtual world as you do in the real world, which is a great advantage. The currency used in not real money but a virtual coin. The wheels will take the course of the game, and it is always based on how the wheel spins. You can play more if you win and you can see that it happens if you are lucky enough. When you are less fortunate, you will have to exit the game without anything to take home. You have enough control over the number of coins you use in each spin, and all you need to do is to press the button on your touchscreen phone. You have to pay nothing for spinning the wheels, and the number of rows to match up is all your decision.

Enjoy Slot Games Virtually

This is not a single slot game, but a package of games, and you can play all your favorite slot games here. You can find that makers really have paid attention and struggled a lot to combine all the favorite slot games. You will stick to the screen as you can keep unlocking new machines every time you win. Spooky School is a game that involves the school supplies and the monster kids, and you can find the hot angels of heaven waiting for you with the Flaming Devils. Party in Wonderland will let you go frantic. And the most important of all is the Lucky Derby, which lets you be a winner of Race Day Multipliers and the Golden Horseshoe bonus. There are lots more to enjoy with games like Cash Creature, Camelot Pays et al.

Social Connect

If you have friends in Slotomania, then this game is for you. This is a game that has to be played by a single player, and if you have friends, you can get the points as gifts from them, and it is not a tough task for them to give you a helping hand. You need to keep in touch with your social media friends.

Bottom Line

Slotomania is the perfect mobile slot app game, and this is a unique game with excellent graphics and sound. You get the feel of a real slot world, and games. This is instant bonanza, and you will get hooked on the game.

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