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They came, they saw, they began the process to conquer…and from how I see it, it is really working for them. Few years from now, Kenya will be chinese ruled if the responsible parties do not interject immediately on this hullabaloo going on. You definitely won’t see them tamper with our laws. No. theirs is quite different considering Kenya has lived on the approach of carrot and stick from our soon to be ex the United States.

This is the policy of offering a combination of reward and punishment to induce behavior. Real life scenario; a cart driver dangling a carrot in front of a mule and holding a stick behind it. The mule would move towards the carrot because it wants the reward of food, while also moving away from the stick behind it, since it does not want the punishment of pain, thus drawing the cart. Kenya felt that this was oppression better put as neocolonialism. …And the world’s greatest opportunists swung by and promised aid, loans, more impactful trade and all the niceties poor Kenya needed to hear.

Chinese have been here for a while though. Its only that they have become more intense with their business ideas and proposals quite recently. They have always been in our lives (since the time of kung fu and Jackie chan) they have actually inspired Kenya’s local production cobra squad only that they were not as flexible. We are talking the 90s when they spotted a land that had no idea what corruption is. They are allowed to call Kenya’s corruption child’s play. Those guys are pros.

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We are slowly but surely reaping the consequences of this china regime. First, it was business gone bad in the country thanks to all sorts of knockoff products. This led to decline in economy since local manufacturers had to fight these cheap products that are seriously irresistible for buyers. The Kenyan government did nothing but threaten sellers and with time, illegal businesses were the in thing and still are.

The roads came and what a city Nairobi has become thanks to this RENs. Then the beginning of madness; the standard gauge railway to be built between Mombasa and Nairobi signed on May 11 by Cabinet Secretary for the Treasury Henry Rotich and the President of China Exim Bank, Li Ruogu. China Exim Bank agreed to meet 90% of the US$3·60bn cost, with the remaining 10% coming from the government of Kenya. That was a great deal right? However, public investment committee recently recommended cancellation of the deal. Maybe they are the Angel sent to us by God.

I will tell you who is not an Angel sent from above though; China. Immediately after signing the contract, these guys knew by now Kenya is a hot bed for funny business and activity. They tested the waters while building the Thika super highway- impregnated our daughters, settled in the city and established businesses without any questions from any authorities whatsoever. As it is, mid this year was supposed to see through a 5000 people exile from china to Kenya. No, not for tourism purposes, apparently, they are the railway workers to be imported following the agreement to establish the railway. Well, I think half of those are already here. Did you see the numerous internet kahunas/bandits?

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Just recently, a house caught fire in Runda killing one which was an unfortunate happening for the affluent neighborhood. Here is the usual part of the story. Occupants are said to have been running out of the house disappearing into thin air not to sort for help but to escape from any authorities in the scene. We are talking 50 plus people. Up to 77 china origins have been operating a cyber-command centre from three houses in the radius of one-kilometer in Runda estate. One of the servers the men used for hacking reportedly burst and caused the fire. After police raided the house, they confiscated high-tech communication equipment that the individuals were using with plans underway to raid the communication system in the country. The gadgets are also said to have the capability of penetrating bank accounts, M-Pesa and even ATMs. Yes, Kenya embraced the enemies.


Their work ethic is excellent. Look at how long the Kenyan contractors take to complete a few kilometres of road. Why not work with china? Over the years, they have gone on and on with ideas and proposals and now, they are allowed to heavily invest and establish centres that operate a good number of major activities in the country.

Hospitals and other social amenities sponsored by the Chinese government have been established in underserved communities, bringing much needed relief to them. Bridges linking critical geographical areas have been built to provide access to previously unreachable places. This did not happen with our ‘EX’ they concentrated on people’s way of living if I could put it in layman’s language. Now we don’t have to receive foreign opposition both politically and socially. We are independent or we thought we would be. Chinese do not have the best motives for our Country that is one thing for sure.

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That is the sad story of how Kenya became victim. We are surely a trusting nation and this will kill our country and us in it.


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