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Notebook vendor Asus has announced that it will be showcasing its 2014/2015 line products at the upcoming Tech Bonanza event powered by Intel from the 5th-7th December at Sarit Centre.

During the event the multinational will unveil both the Transformer Book Flip and the next generation Intel powered Fonepad. The Transformer Book Flip is Asus’ new line of mid-level laptops powered by Haswell hardware; while the Fonepad is a tablet that also has the functionality of a mobile phone.

Asus is looking to highlight its resolve of providing consumers, business people and enterprises market defining products that offer total solutions for today’s computing challenges. The event will also be a chance to showcase their other products such as its X-series notebooks, hybrid Ultrabooks and its G-series range of gaming laptops. According to the firm, consumers who attend the event will be able to sample a variety of Asus products while having an opportunity to purchase them at discounted prices.

Those attending will interact with a wide range of computing devices from tablets, notebooks and gaming laptop and consumers will also be in a position to purchase them at good rates. The tech event comes at a time when the industry has been experiencing tight competition among PC brands-when it comes to outpacing each other. Asus hopes that this event will enable it cement its position in the industry and further increase its Q4 PC sales.

Mid this year, the company strengthened its PC portfolio with the introduction of the X200 and F200 notebooks. These are similar notebooks that run on windows 8.1 operating system with the difference of F200 being a touch screen device.

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