East Africa’s oil and gas industry takes communication a notch higher with VSAT products

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There has been increased interest in the oil and gas industry in East Africa following recent discoveries in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique. According to a Canadian exploration company, Northern Kenya is currently at 1.29 billion barrels of oil up from 600 million barrels earlier estimated by Tullow oil.

In the realization that communication plays in the oil and gas sector especially considering the regions where such discoveries have been made local internet service provider Callkey Networks has launched products suited for the sector. The company will be giving special focus to players in the oil and gas industry by providing specially customized products that suits the various needs identified in the region.

In special focus will be the provision of guaranteed services that meet data demands recognized by companies already carrying activities surrounding exploration and seismic acquisition.

Under the Callkey offering, clients enjoy guaranteed Internet speeds as opposed to other providers who contend the Internet service between several customers. By this customers get the exact Internet bandwidth they pay for without sharing with other customers. Its common knowledge that most ISPs advertise their service using the keyword ‘up to’ indicating that customers will achieve the top speeds advertised only if the other contention clients are not online.

Instead of having a Fair Access Policy that stops customers from fully utilizing their bandwidth as per their demand Callkey engages them how to best manage their usage. The other product on the company’s portfolio is a managed service where clients receive report on demand for usage which can be realized through a protocol discovery report that shows which protocol is using what amount of bandwidth. Managed service also helps when clients require service prioritization for various bandwidth sensitive applications like VPNs and Voice. This means that bandwidth can be reserved for these applications on demand.

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The company has also in its products highlighted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to support the communication challenges affecting companies working in remote areas where public telephone networks are not available. Through its VoIP service Callkey provides clients with free calls within multiple branches enabling effective business communication even where sites are geographically separated.

Callkey VSAT Solutions are tailored specifically for the oil and gas industry. Callkey manages the link, ensuring traffic is prioritised to the client’s specific requirements and providing 24/7 support thus eliminating any concerns from the customer and freeing up their time to focus on their own projects.

The company is proactive reducing customer requests and very quick to activate terminals. An example of specially tailored Oil and Gas service is bandwidth management enabling priority to voice and video for specifics links used by crew members in Oil and Gas camps.

Callkey also offers unmatched support to augment and maintain reliable products as promised to clients. Its clients can then expect 24/7, all year round support from its engineers. On top of the standby response team Callkey further has an international standard ticketing system that ensures all queries are addressed satisfactorily and on time.







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