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The Vodafone Appstar contest invites app developers across Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana & India to submit unique and innovative apps. Vodafone considers those who have developed or can develop an app in one of iOS, Android, J2ME or WP8 as well as those who own an app eligible for the contest. However, those who are into services and have developed an app for a client are not considered eligible.

Beyond this, irrespective of whether you are an established company, a start-up, a student, hobbyist, homemakers or a freelancer, you can participate. AppStar is the Annual Developer Contest conducted by Vodafone, for developers across several countries of African & Asian continent, to promote local talent & bring them to the international stage.

The winners of this contest in respective countries will win a trip to India to participate in the international competition. Winners will then go to mecca for app developers – the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona apart from many other prizes and marketing/distribution support from Vodafone.

This contest is open for developers in specific platforms; Android, iOS,  Java, Windows Phone and  Blackberry. As in 2012 and 2013, the contest will have two rounds;

  • In Round one (or National contest), all developers of a particular country will compete against each other. The national contest has different categories depending on the particular country.
  • In Round two (or International contest), the best two developers of each country (one established developer#& one upcoming developer##)###would compete against developers from other countries, where they would get the opportunity to showcase their app live to a large audience
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The final winner would be announced at International Contest.

For Clarity;

An ‘established’ developer/company is one that satisfies ANY ONE of the following criteria: 10+ employees, established more than 24 months before 15 Jan 2015; Has 50,000+ downloads of all their apps put together in popular apps stores.

An ‘upcoming’ developer/company is one that does not satisfy ANY of the criteria listed above for ‘established’ developer



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