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  • Posted: November 21, 2014 at 5:12 pm

Remember the Nokia Lumia 530 face-off? That was quite intense and we appreciate our readers for the turn up. Finally, we get to announce the winner of the Lumia 530 which I must admit was really hard to point out.

My colleague kachwanya came up with a mechanic on how readers will acquire the gadget and that was quite sharp. So, we looked at the most eloquent definition of the Lumia 530 and here is the winner;

Joram Karanja. And here is his comment in full:

This are my favorite features and reasons and why i feel the Lumia 530 is the best windows phone ever to land in the Kenyan market.


1. It’s affordable

With a starting price of Ksh. 9,999/-
at all Orange shops and outlets in Kenya the potent Lumia 530 is not
only the cheapest Lumia to date, it’s also the most affordable way to
get Windows Phone 8.1 on a new Lumia device.


2. It’s bursting with high-end features

the lumia 530 i can enjoy fantastic features such as the
type-trendsetting Word Flow, the efficient swipe-down Action Center,
changeable Start screen backgrounds


3. It’s powerful

well as the 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that will
make light work of internet browsing, using your favourite apps and
playing your favourite games, i don’t need to worry about running out
of storage space either (a common trait with similarly priced smartphones), the Lumia 530 has expandable memory via MicroSD, up to 128GB and…


4. …it’s cloud ready

Buillt on 15GB of free OneDrive cloud storage and i;ve got bags of space to store photos, documents and much more.


5. It loves apps

Windows Phone 8.1 at the helm, i will have access to thousands of
quality apps such as Skype, Instagram, WhatsApp and Evernote at my
disposal, with many more being added each and every day.This will
definitely give me complete life change.


6. It’s got a dual personality

a good way! The Lumia 530 isn’t just restricted to one network the
(smart) dual-SIM version will allow me to run on two different SIM cards. For
anyone running a brace of phones for work and pleasure, the all-in-one
dual-SIM Lumia 530 provides a great way to consolidate your tech and
free up pocket space.


7. It loves taking photos

It has
5-megapixel camera, Glam Me app with a clever voice-guided feature for
taking your own selfies and brilliant software such as Creative Studio
and Cinema graph. The former is a mufti-faceted photo-editing app
that will turn basic shots into impressive creations worth sharing with
friends, family and on the wide array of social network channels that
can be used with the Lumia 530.


8. I can get great mapping out of the box

you’ve used your smartphone to find your way around, you’ll never go
back. It’s like using broadband for the first time. Powered by HERE
Maps, the Lumia 530 will not only direct you anywhere but will also
allow to you download maps ‘offline’ to avoid roaming charges, if abroad.


9. You can work and play

a Windows Phone and part of the Microsoft ecosystem, the Lumia 530 has
access to mobile Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that can be used right on the device and
documents can be automatically synced with the cloud,
allowing you to finish your work on another device. Clever!

just like on all other Lumia smartphones, it has access to Mix Radio
that gives you unlimited, ad-free streaming of music and it’s available
offline too. Hit Play Me for instant access to your own personalized
radio station, discover new music through curated mixes, or create your own mix and dance the night away.


10. It looks great

being seen with your new communications companion also has to fit the
style bill. Smartphones are a lifestyle choice, after all; just as
important as the clothes we wear.

Both single and dual-SIM versions of the Lumia 530
come in a multitude of stand-out colors, such as bright green and
bright orange, but can also be customized with changeable shells (also
available in white and dark grey) to fit your mood and personality.


I just love this phone!

There you have it. Joram deserved the win. Be sure of more goodies to come. Keep reading, keep winning!

What is your opinion on the topic?
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