‘Facebook at Work’ to take on LinkedIn, Google and Microsoft

Just when Facebook got boring and childish, Zukerberg & Co has decided to maintain relevance with its new kid ‘Facebook at Work’.  Today, personal and professional identities are two different persons we go all the way to protect.  Individuals go a long way for privacy that even it means six accounts of social media platforms to accommodate individuals in your life; we would do anything for privacy.

‘Facebook at Work’ is a Facebook look alike with a newsfeed and groups but will allow users to keep their personal profile which include photos, comments video away from their work identity.  The site will allow you to chat with colleagues, connect professionally as well as share files and documents.

The service expected to be free might just be a strategy to take on LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft and other sites that strictly connect professionally considering the change in social media perspective that has turned out to be more official and business oriented.

This project is currently on pilot with companies that include Facebook internally using the service before the anticipated launch. How well ‘Facebook at work’ will be embraced will depend on most importantly security standards set and how efficient it will be in the work scene since important information and confidential detail will be involved.

Facebook looks forward to an important cultural change phase which will see through its mission statement which is to connect everyone, understand the world and build the knowledge economy. Among other aims is to increase time duration users spend on the site so as to maximize on revenue.

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Winfred Kuria is a self-constituted web content writer in charge of Tech News and Events Publicity at Kachwanya.com. She will communicate in the simplest way possible with an aim of changing the world one mind at a time.


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