Someone stop Kenyan App  developers and their shoddy works

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  • Posted: November 13, 2014 at 12:48 pm

Apps are the in thing in this time and age, the new besties of the human species thanks to the tech evolution. Why would you need friends if you can always tap on it to find direction, keep track of your sexual behavior (without having to involve third parties), get weather information and  wow, you can now calculate your bride price I mean, who needs those old wazees to negotiate? Apps will help with anything surrounding or concerning you.  Basically, our personal devices powered by applications have turned out to be our life managers.

Now, let’s look at Kenya and its developers this is not to say the other developers do better, they are as shoddy and they have probably been told. I know it feels modern and so techie to associate yourself with an app you have developed …and it is great innovation, great mind you have but until when will we pretend to be okay with your shoddy work and keep applauding you to make the next flop? App developing has taken a different turn in the Kenyan market, it is a whole new definition and the pioneers of it must really feel sorry for us right now.

It was a big deal when I first sat by myself and did so much with my phone without having to communicate with anyone. I could educate myself, catch up with the current, have fun with this same device, and have food of preference delivered at my doorstep keeping away from the city buzz. I definitely knew this was the death of me so I only needed to wait.

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This no longer a fetish, it is no longer going to be the death of me or even anything close to that. I am tired, sick to the stomach and cannot stand Apps anymore. This is why; everyone has now made developing apps their day job. Have you walked into these hubs and seen how young-lings are itching to develop the next ‘big’ app?  Unless you tell me what you do, be sure I will not ask. I have met enough app developers actually, everyone is.

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Out of campus and the next thing your child wants to be is an app developer! Not only is it disappointing but a disgrace to the society. This is similar to the infamous quail egg business that collapsed immensely after many closed shop to join the fad. We all know how that went.

I have had enough of the continuous Appathons going down around cities today, campaigns in learning institutions that encourage app developing and even frequent invitations to app workshops . Maybe before I continue hating on developers and their works, they should know why;

  • Useless and pointless nature of Apps

I know App developing bug is real. I get the assurance every time I land on newly developed apps, same old same old only different name.  Came across this Kenyan grown app meant to enable tourist locate places to visit; national parks under Kenya Wildlife services and I just thought of it as a really cool way to waste time. Good job dear developer but first things first, tourist depend on reliable trip advisory sites and the institutions website which is really efficient and convenient with communication.

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Kenya Wildlife services actually have Tourism ebooks that help the tourist trace the place of visitation which is also inclusive of petty information they would need to know. Don’t you think that is easy to use? Visit a site, land your place of choice, get the contacts and there I have my vacation without having to waste on bundles, go through the user guideline and spare space for an app I will delete once I am done visiting. See, pointless and absolutely useless!

Obtuse-ness of the highest level

Just because you are a developer, that is not enough. You have to be sharp . It’s like being a scientist who will go to the lab and make nothing out of it yet you keep reminding us the capacity of science you have fed your brain.  So now there is this App; Melon Meter. Apparently the app will help you know if the melon you pick at your grocery store is okay and succulent. Just hold your phone next to the melon and knock- the microphone will tell you whether to go ahead or not according to the sound made. How dumb! This app won’t even know when I knock the phone against a potato and why would I be knocking my phone against melons at the store?  Waste of time and loss of sanity right there.

It is not a competition

This is not a ‘mutumba’ business. We need efficiency with how they work. Just because certain developers based at a certain space built this boring app and you think you can do better, then have same content and different name, it just makes it an absolute flop. I am not surprised when I hear developers rant how much Kenyans are missing out on without their self- developed apps. It would be better if you guys came together and made one killer app instead of throwing knock-offs at users.

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I will not suffocate you with a million reasons why I hate you. For starters, consider the three then we can pick up from there.

Beware! Fake Audience

App workshops have all this individuals who like to call themselves techies (no am not. I am their messenger)  who really applaud this young developers and nod all the way looking at this magical applications just to make them feel better. Developers will in turn breathlessly explain how much you need this app with you as solution to your daily predicament. Toss to the brilliance of the young generation and call it a day.

All those who attend only have necessary apps and these are actually not Kenyan grown, they are very foreign even expensive for that matter. You keep developing apps, distribute them for free as much as you can but we are not having any thanks.


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