Truths and Escapes of WhatsApp’s tyranny of blue ticks

Whatsapp was the best thing ever happened to us, at least after twitter; Freedom of social media choosing who to give audience and who not to. It rolled out, it was free, efficient and a great communication and sharing platform. What an innovation Koum and Acton!

I however thing party time is over; you are definitely weird if did not understand the agreement WhatsApp first put out there before you downloaded the app. Do not call WhatsApp a hoax because it is not. This is how it was supposed to be; One year after your download, you must pay an annual fee of $0.99 isn’t that fair? Okay, I know the sound of additional bills does not feel right. However, just look at the bigger picture. What the app does for you and how reliable it is at the same time.

People will always react to change and this has resulted to the circulation of a long message that is meant to show concern (be against WhatsApp) and at the same time show you the ropes of escaping charges.

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This is the final notice! Hello everyone, it seems that all the warnings were real, the use of WhatsApp cost money from summer 2014. If you send this string to 18 different on your list, your icon will be blue and will be free for you. If you do not believe me see tomorrow at 6 pm ending WhatsApp   have to pay to open it, this is by law This message is to inform all of our users, our servers have recently been very congested, so we are asking you to help us solve this problem. We require our active users to forward this message to each of the people in your contact list to confirm our active users using WhatsApp, if you do not send this message to all your contacts WhatsApp will then start to charge you. Your account will remain inactive with the consequence of losing all your contacts. Message from Jim Balsamic (CEO of Whatsapp ) we have had an over usage of user names on whatsapp Messenger. We are requesting all users to forward this message to their entire contact list. If you do not forward this message, we will take it as your account is invalid and it will be deleted within the next 48 hours. Please DO NOT ignore this message or whatsapp will no longer recognise your activation. If you wish to re-activate your account after it has been deleted, a charge of 25.00 will be added to your monthly bill. We are also aware of the issue involving the pictures updates not showing. We are working diligently at fixing this problem and it will be up and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation from the Whatsapp team” WhatsApp is going to cost us money soon. The only way that it will stay free is if you are a frequent user i.e. you have at least 10 people you are chatting with. To become a frequent user send this message to 10 people who receive it (2 ticks) and your WhatsApp logo should turn blue

Dear ones, don’t forward messages you are not even sure of. The reason you have the blue ticks once you have sent a message is completely different from what you are trying to believe.

As if ‘last seen’ notification was not enough

Previously, if you sent a message on WhatsApp, a single tick would appear to show the message has been sent but not received yet. Two ticks indicated that your message had gone through and if you wanted to know if the reader has checked the message sent, you only needed to check when the recipient was last seen on whatsApp. The option was the beginning of trouble for many, you had to explain why you have not replied to the message yet you have received it since the app says so.

WhatsApp got considerate and gave the user privacy options. This way you could hide the last seen notification so the person on the other end could not tell when you are online, offline, last seen and all that information you would need to keep tabs because of personal interests. For some reason, Social media revolves around relationships and in this case I mean spouses more than it revolves around business and all the other relevant information the platforms provide. Well, WhatsApp has done it again! Put you in the frying pan again. The latest from Whatsapp has been the two blue ticks ?? meant to notify the sender that the recipient has received and read the message. With this one, the app does not give you a choice to defy. The last seen notification is no longer important now confirmation is well taken care of. Man will always be smart anyway. Here are some of the ways you can escape the Trouble. At least one of them has worked for me. Desperate moments call for desperate measures;

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  • Don’t open WhatsApp straight away on receiving a whatsapp message

Let’s play peeping Tom. Slide the notification bar down and you will be in a position to read the message. This way, the sender won’t tell whether you have read it or not. Be careful not to click on the message since the app will send signals of you reading on the other end. iphone users are bond not to fully enjoy this if the message is a four lines text. Android users on the other hand will be needed to carefully pinch outwards to read.

  • Put your smartphone on Airplane mode

When on Airplane mode, WhatsApp will not send the notification to the sender. It is not a guarantee it is just one of those tricks that has worked for some. After checking the message, you can now revert to normal mode and you will be safe from the blue ticks.

  • Add a WhatsApp Widget on a blank desktop

This is if you are not in a position to add another desktop to your launcher.  When your message checks in, head on to the widget and check your messages in full length. Rule of thumb on this one is not to click on the message lest you open your WhatsApp.

This is to all my Android and iPhone fellows. T’s and C’s apply.


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