Finally, an App to keep tabs on your sexual behaviour ladies

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Let’s forget windows, partnerships, gadgets and complicated apps for a minute. The last time something as similar was published on was when my colleague Washington Odipo decided to break into our privacy. I mean what we like to pretend not to care about when we really do. I remember this part when he talked about how his South African friend cared to know if he had sex just like he cared if his breakfast was well served.

One of those reads you have on your desktop with another tab open just in case someone ambushes you and you don’t want them to know you are reading about sex in the office. Have you seen how people read the Nairobian? They fold it into a more decent (pan intended) paper so you think they are digging politics and business plots. That’s how much people want to get private with sex.  Anyway, I must say that was a great read Washington.

You already know where I am headed with this right? Yeah..its sex again. This time round though, techies seem to really care about our sexual life or maybe something close to that. So, all those who said sex has nothing to do with technology, take a seat, and at the corner for that matter! I am not good at reviewing apps but this one just makes me an expert. Ladies, just in case you have not heard about this one, you will like it and you will be happy to share with your friends, cousins, Aunts, mum.

Introducing My Days by Christian Albert Mueller, it is application for every woman who would like to track her Period and Ovulation. Know when to have sex, when not to (for the unprotected sex) when to make babies and most importantly, this will help you schedule your vacations and all those ‘fun’ days we have marked on our calendars? Yeah. I am aware there are many of this in the Android market but I can assure you if used as instructed, this is your new best friend.

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When I first discovered My Days I sure thought I have been living under a rock and many of my friends too. So why not shout to the rest of the world about it. I have used it. For sure *puts on smug face* you are assured of easy usability and when you wake up all touchy and cranky, check with your App to know what time of the month it is for you! How efficient can technology get? Gone are the days you had to use red, blue and black biro pens to know when to carry DAPS with you.

Now things just got serious if an app will take obligation to remind you when you last had sex. I know. The alarm goes off and there you go. When you last had sex, when you last took a pill, your next period, high fertility days and all a girl needs to know.

How it Works;

First of all, the App is completely free. You will find it on your Playstore for the Android iOS users who it’s only exclusive to. You will need to enter accurate information for it to give you accurate results.

Feed in the day you have sex by tapping on the date and maybe leaving a brief note, put in when you have a pill and the app will be in a position to mark ‘your days’. The app will also notify you your BMT basal temperature which is in connection to your ovulation due to changes of the former. Don’t worry about irregulars. You can put in your cycle days for the app to know when the alerts check in.

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Once you download the app, you can customize it depending on preferences. You are in control of the language used, colour theme, you have a backup choice so just in case you reset your phone you still have the information with you and most importantly your app will have a password option to keep away peeping Toms. For those who are on pills, the alarm will remind you what time to have it.

The features that come with the app are exciting and this is definitely something you will enjoy using.

Your Man too!

Enough of female codes, now men, Your man can also upload this app not because he is being wussy but because he should know when to expect what. Don’t you think? Ladies you don’t have to keep explaining why you are not happy today. He should know. Both of you will know when to ‘joke around’ and he will know when to take you for that anticipated vacation of the year. No surprises. This is just my thought though; some will choose to keep this a secret to avoid domestics. Wait until the day your calendars don’t match…Teren…

Now before you give too much space to Talking Tom, you know My Days should be priority. Happy Days!




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