8 must have Windows apps for International business travel

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  • Posted: November 5, 2014 at 12:53 pm

Business travel has grown tremendously in Kenya with more business executives frequenting other capitals to attend important client meetings, for professional development and attending global conferences and seminars. Frequent business travel to different destinations creates a huge number of challenges and inconveniences in doing the most basic of things, making travelers’ lives simply chaotic.

Booking a flight, finding a good meal, and even preparing for the local weather is dreaded by many especially when you have to cross two or three borders and spend days apart in foreign lands but today, business travel can be seamless with the help of a few handy apps:

SkyScanner : Link

For travelers who fly often and need to book or rebook their own flights, SkyScanner will make the process a whole lot easier. This app helps you find the cheapest flights, searching through over a thousand different airlines. Not only is it fast, giving you results in a matter of seconds, but it’s also free!

Uber: Link

Uber helps you out by connecting you to the nearest taxi driver based on your location using your GPS eliminating phone calls and explanations of current address which could prove hectic. Operating in 120 cities and 37 countries, Uber is keen on developing mobile money integration as it prepares to roll out in more African countries.

Currency Converter: Link

What could be more important than knowing your currency is converted at the current and correct rate? While travelling internationally, Currency Converter can do away with those confusing and head scratching moments. The app converts 165 currencies with updates every hour to keep your results accurate.

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Blue Skies: Link

More often than not, travelers forget to check out the weather before they head to a new place. This app will help you avoid getting caught unprepared in a snowstorm without a coat. It not only has a clean and simple design, but it’s free!

Budget Buddy: Link

Keeping track of your expenses can be cumbersome especially when dealing with multiple currencies but this app helps keep track of your travel expenses letting you snap photos of receipts and bills. It is especially useful when important receipts go missing.

Bing Translator: Link

An essential for international travel, Bing Translator lets you translate more than 40 languages using text, voice, or camera. Key features like text-to-speech capabilities and offline mode make it one valuable app! It even translates menus, which have been the bane of business travelers everywhere for years.

TeamViewer: Link

With this app you never have to worry about being able to access files from across the country as it lets you remotely access your computer or your coworkers’ computers, easily putting all your work at your fingertips.

TripAdvisor: Link

You can use TripAdvisor to book hotels of course, but it really shines when it comes to looking for nearby attractions and things to do. Business travellers don’t always have spare time to actually check out their destinations, but TripAdvisor lets you search for cool stuff that is closest to your location—just in case you get a chance to venture out!

Needless to say, there are plenty more Windows Phone time-saving apps out there designed to make life easier for business travelers but these stand out as the most handy.

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