Zuku leads:Top TEN companies with poor customer care services

This is a continuation from last week’s evaluation of customer care services provided by companies we depend on for services. We agreed on well established customer care and efficient contact systems to maintain customer base. This must really interest you as head of marketing and customer care interested in boosting customer relation. You have to know what your weaknesses are and points to rectify when serving your customers. The evaluation continues;

5. StarTimes Kenya

Startimes really tries…at least I can say it is above normal. The only problem is with alerts. As customers, we need alerts when certain channels will disappear, when the signal will be down for two consecutive days and when the payment system can’t go through. Lack of communication is just off to have for customer service we need to have a relationship with you…one with communication.


This is a State Parastatal that was established in 1966 as a department under the Ministry of Health. The Fund’s core mandate is to provide medical insurance cover to all its members and their declared dependants.  Membership is open to all Kenyans who have attained the age of 18 years and have a monthly income of more than Ksh 1000. Back to its customer care services; the free toll line set up for customer contact is one that you will want to spare extra time than the usual to get through waiting for the personnel on the other side to pick. Why would you have a call line you are sure is not always attended to?

3. Airtel

We all know telecommunication companies are the most contacted companies under the sun. You notice a bit of service fault on your phone and the first thing will be calling up your mobile operator. This is why they should be the most efficient guys when it comes to customer service. Airtel however has a unique problem on customer service; The call goes through that’s good work Airtel. The problem however is with the personnel who are not fully equipped with information at least technical information that they need to sort issues for customers. Today a customer will call customer care just because their phone buttons failed. Its expected but it takes an informed customer care personnel to let the customer know the problem is on their side and assist them for that matter. Sadly, Airtel lacks exactly that and the ladies (mostly on the other side of the line) don’t really know how to solve such simple issues.

2. Orange  

This is a telecommunications company that has personnel who will just give whatever answers to the customer just because they are not in physical contact. Complains on careless answers are just too much. The most common one would be buying a gadget from their shop, configure the settings according to instructions so as to access their services but if a client can’t get services in return, there is definitely need to call them for assistance the problem is the operator, Orange in this case the customer care customers expect to get help from will always insist on complete configuration on their side even when it’s not done. There is nothing wrong with not completing configuration hours after a customer has purchased a gadget we can always accommodate that omission/mistake but if this is an often response to customers? We hate to be taken for fools. Its either you are honest, or be timely on your duties.

I have no problem with the other telecommunications company we have. Surprisingly, the telco is satisfying customer care-wise. Safaricom will always know when it is technical, mechanical and if the problem is on their side, they will accept to having a problem on their systems. Customers only need genuine and real responses than having to pretend concerned and in control if you are not.



Zuku screen shot

It has taken me enough time to conclude Zuku has the worst customer care services. not only from my environs do i know this but from the subscribers feedback. The above screen shots and more say it all they are also more believable as compared to tales i would write. Apparently whoever manages the company’s social media platforms does away with negative feedback or rather in this case truthful harsh feedback (i would to keep my job too). Dear Zuku, your customers can destroy you as fast as they build you it all zeros down to customer care.

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