Zuku goes beyond entertainment

Over 15years, Kenyans only knew one pay TV language- DSTV until the launch of other services that brought with them a touch of competition in an already dominated market. This meant creativity and difference in content to acquire subscribers or even better siphon subscribers who were already used to same content.

Homegrown East African brand under Wananchi group Zuku was one of the platform rolled out around the time quite a risk since subscribers were either going to ignore it and move on with the ‘devil the knew’ or they were going to get excited by fresh and over the top content from Zuku. In 2011, nobody really cared much about pay TV platforms that is in comparison to today when a majority of people are in a rush to join the digital world.

5 months down the line, zuku had already hit 35,000 subscribers which was an immense collection since Multichoice had only 100,000 subscribers over a long period of time a decade plus is a long time to only have the amount. The reason is however obvious. The package prices and value for money is what we all look for in every product and service. I like it when Kenyans get all insightful in the name of lack of value for their money.

Going to four years now, Zuku has made a couple of milestones in the industry. Part of the company’s philosophy is to communicate to its market and be transparent and responsive with partners, from international content owners to local producers. The company is also a pioneer in the area of triple play in the East African region and its executives know the local culture very well.

The platform has impacted the entertainment scene immensely and better still provided solutions to businesses and offices through their broadband services which are worth using being the only Pay Tv platform that really cares for your day to day operations outside of entertainment.

Wide range and fresh content;

Zuku currently has over 100 channels on the Zuku Satellite platform and more than 120 channels on the top-end Fiber platform.  In addition Zuku TV carries third party channels including most of the major news and business channels as well as brands like: Fox Entertainment, FX, BET, E! Entertainment, Star Plus, Colors and SAB; MTV Base, Nickelodeon, KidsCo, Fashion One, Viasat’s four documentary channels, Nat Geo Adventure, Fine Living Network, MGM Channel, Zee Cinema, African Movie Channel Zuku TV also has the major free-to air channels from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi. The channels offered by the platform accommodate various preferences by the audience.

Better business and office operations and services;

This is a unique product among other Pay Tv platforms which gives you even more reason to have Zuku. The fiber service supporting broadband, Pay-Tv and telephony services through a single cable come in speeds up to 50mps. It is a many in one product that you definitely require. Zuku goes beyond entertainment

Literal game changer

The emergence of Zuku a few years back made Dstv to step up their sponsorship of Kenya Football. Zuku try to get to get to sponsor Kenyan Premier league but they were not successful, but as result  Multichoice through Supersport stepped up. Kenya league is now good as any in Africa due to that.

Zuku did not stop there…Zuku went into agreement to sponsor Kenyan Rugby. The agreement was in the tune of  Kshs. 250 million, and it is now the official broadcast partner of Kenya Rugby Union for a period of 5 years.

Ushered in local programmes

PayTv was for the longest time a platform where viewership only favoured international programmes away from local productions aired by payTV platforms today. Zuku influenced content aired by promoting local programmes mostly watched today hence balance in content. This is a milestone to the Kenyan production scene thanks to Zuku.

Zuku payTV platform came through for the Kenyan industry just like when the country most needed an alternative political party or maybe close to that. Today zuku’s strategy has paid off in a huge way not to forget telecommunication companies today feel the heat since the company is making it easier for residential access of internet.


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