MoneyGram to enable money transfers via Mobile wallets

Kenyans will now be in a position to send money direct to mobile wallets through MoneyGram following an anticipated agreement with a leading mobile money service provider during Money Gram CEO Pamela Patsey’s visit set for early November.

MoneyGram services enable consumers to conduct person-to-person money transfers to and from other countries. The convenience lies in the fact that the money can be collected at any country where MoneyGram is available without the need of a banking account. It is a secure and fast way to get money to family and friends across the globe.

The agreement will be a key milestone for the mobile money service in the country and of much convenience to money Gram users who will directly send money from their phones to diaspora or vice versa in real time.

Money transfer services meet an important need in today’s global economy. MoneyGram’s international and domestic money transfer services are an affordable, convenient option to traditional banks and credit cards, allowing people to reliably send and receive money around the world.

Patsley who was honouring an invite extended to her by the President during his visit to the United States of America, said, “I am very excited to be going to Kenya.  It is very important to us and this agreement is a key milestone in the growth of MoneyGram in the country and the continent at large.”


How it works;

A person who has sent you the cash will give you a PIN number. With that Pin Number, all a Kenyan will need to do is to visit any Bank which offers money-gram services, produce a National Identity Card plus the Pin Number. You are given a form to fill, and in no time your transaction is processed. You then receive your money that was sent through money-gram.

MoneyGram users enjoy freedom as much as involving the third party in receiving cash. In case you send your partner or a friend to transact on your behalf, he/she will be asked also to produce his/her ID and in many cases they also call the money-gram holder to confirm your authority.

The platform is now offering services in 200 countries and territories worldwide which means a wide range of destinations covered for the users.

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