Google re-invents it’s email services with the new ‘Inbox’ app

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Google is giving you new user-experience on mails with its new app ‘Inbox’ an invite-only system that works on chrome browser, Android phones and iPhones with functions away from the usual email apps.

Considering the present day availability of multiple ways to send messages without having to check your email, Google is re-thinking new ways to provide easy accessibility to important and personal information. The new app is meant to be a long term replacement for Gmail however not an upgrade of the same.

‘Inbox’ will help bundle emails into groups that you can quickly dismiss. The app will have your info cards appear right in line with your message list, including things like flight times, package tracking, and photos. The app will also have phone numbers and addresses automatically parsed out for you to use when you need them.

Users will have the ability to add standard Google reminders to your inbox as well as snooze a message away in case you want to go through it at a later time. This will help you click at a message directly without having to go through pages and pages into your inbox. The app was built mobile first which makes it much more convenient and reliable.

Inbox functions as a to-do list. You can create tasks and reminders that appear in your inbox alongside your messages. The automated functions will help the user concentrate on what really matters and will have all your promotions collapsed down into a single line in your inbox which gives you an option of keeping the important ones and dismissing the rest.

Those already using inbox can invite friends through the app but as an option, you can email [email protected] to get an invitation. Google is giving you the freedom to create your own bundle by giving it a name and selecting what kind of messages you want included in that bundle. The setup process is very similar to creating a new Gmail filter, and it can be very helpful if you get many emails from a specific sender or with certain keywords.

Gmail will however still remain functional for the time being alongside the new app which you can still sign into Inbox with your Gmail account and you will access all your old messages and the two correspond in that what you do on Inbox will be reflected on Gmail.


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