Blackberry and Lenovo are better off together

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Late last year Lenovo hinted on a blackberry acquisition which the Chinese computer firm went ahead to propose and went as far as signing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to view blackberry’s books. The process was however cut short by the Canadian government citing National security considering Blackberry’s role to the government of Canada.

Even so, Lenovo is not about to give up on the chase. Word is out again that the giant gadget company is offering to buy the device company again. The possibilities are that this could happen this very week. Nothing official though.

Even if Lenovo has been said not in a position to acquire the company or even sustain it with criticism like it would either sell stock or even part of it to purchase the giant device manufacturer however true that might be, my view is that the companies are better off together once and for all. This is why;

Blackberry will upgrade to both a service and Handset company;

Early this year, John Chen Blackberry’s Chief Executive Officer said the company is looking to switch business from the initial handset business it has specialized in if it still remains non-profitable in the next few quarters. His team’s intention is however to make the business profitable before scrapping it. The company hinted on concentrating on services which would focus on security which has become more important to business today. Lenovo’s acquisition will then see the company accomplish both businesses considering Lenovo is top gadget seller worldwide.

Blackberry will show Lenovo into the Western brand scenes;

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Lenovo has voiced interests of expanding its handsets to other areas other than China. The company mostly known for their Think Pad linepad of business laptops is also interested in expanding businesses to handsets considering the PC industry is a falling business and won’t have much to offer a couple of quarters to come.  Blackberry on the other hand has established relations in the United States, Europe and other emerging markets that would be of exposure benefit to Lenovo. Considering the two companies have identical markets, this will be a revolution for Lenovo.

Establish Sales Channel partnership in important countries;

This does not only apply to Lenovo but Blackberry as well. Remember IBM’s acquisition by Lenovo which resurrected the company’s computer business making it one of the largest computer sellers globally? This might just happen to blackberry since it has not ventured China and South Asia enough to make tangible sales which is also as a result of both Apple and Samsung’s android handsets. The acquisition will help Blackberry overcome diminishing market share.

Both could make it as World Wide players;

People want an answer to iOS or Android, which is certainly Blackberry’s BB10 in the same breath Lenovo is serious about becoming a Worldwide player. With the partnership or rather partial acquisition of the company, the two could thrive in various markets since they both have different potential that only needs a push. Both will provide each other larger playing ground in the market.







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