What iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will offer the Kenyan market

Kenyans will soon access Apple’s new mobile devices; iPhone 6 and iPhone6 plus expected to be rolled out this November. The mobile device company is targeting the high-end market with the gadgets ranging from Kshs 100,000 and Kshs.150,000.

The launch is an invade to the already thriving smartphone world with the mobile company hoping to catch up with the gadget diversity already existing. Apple users finally get to put their hands on what they have been asking for; a large screen iPhone. This is definitely expected to be a big one but word around is that the devices sadly do not give consumers value for their money.

The iPhone 6 is much thinner than the 5s, at 6.9mm compared to the 7.6mm iPhone 5s. The glass front of the iPhone 6 curves around the side, featuring an anodized aluminum back. Its camera features a ring that protrudes a bit from the back of the device. The 4.7 inch display comes as an upgrade to what is termed as the Retina HD with a resolution of 1334 by 750 with a pixel density of 326 pixela per inch (ppi).

iPhone 6 plus with 7.1 mm thickness is dramatically thinner considering the device is larger than the later.  The 5.5-inch 6 Plus goes full HD with a 1920 by 1080 display and a whopping 401 ppi.  Apple says both versions are covered with “ion-strengthened glass,” to make the iPhone 6 less susceptible to drops and scratches.

Well, many people really care for internet speeds, battery life, camera and somewhat display but this is what you need to know before the devices roll out in the Kenyan market;

Large Top and bottom bezels

This makes the phone too long for their screen sizes making the top corners hard to reach therefore bringing about discomfort. This also makes them a two hander device because it lacks texture and is slipperly giving the user a hard time on the grip.

Real iPhone look is back

The continuous device roll out by Apple has been downhill in the looks department with a move to plastic from almost a fine stone refined with a  glassy metallic look which was the first device’s material which made it exceptional from other devices in the market. Well, the Apple users should be glad the amazing look is back with the aluminum chassis and rear well fitted together.

Protruding Camera

The previous camera finish well aligned is definitely one that users will miss on this one with the 6 series rolling out a protruding camera that deters the phone lying completely flat. However it has joined many other devices with the same notable flaw. This however beats the reason for making the devices slimmer than the predecessors and will require users to take extra care.

Battery life

Seemingly, the battery inside the 6plus is promising due to its larger footprint which means bigger power pack than the iPhone 5S. With a web browsing time over 4G or Wi-Fi pegged at 12 hours, 14 hours of life from a single charge during video playback and upto 80 hours from pure music playback. Considering this has been most definitely the worry of users, Apple seems to have closed the gap between its devices and other flagship gadgets in the market. Though not yet of stellar performance, the company has upgraded on this one.

  • iPhone 6: 1810 mAh capacity battery (only 250mAh larger than the iPhone 5s)
  • iPhone 6 Plus: 2915 mAh capacity battery


The two devices have been described as the ultimate smartphone by the company at least thus far. The iphone 6 plus has greater software flexibility which makes it a worthy fusion of phone and tablet. The two devices have an upgraded chipset the ‘A8’ which uses 20nm fabrication process and is 64-bit compatible and on the flip side, it remains dual core when many phones are quad and octa core.

Apple iPhone 6 was launched globally in mid-September and is now available in more than 20 markets in the world. According to Apple, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available in a total of 69 countries and territories by the end of October 2014 and are on track to be available in more than 115 countries by the end of the year, making this the fastest iPhone rollout ever.



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