Kenya to be second state in Africa to implement Digital Certificates for the taxpayer

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In an effort to seal loopholes through which revenue is lost in the country, Kenya ICT authority in conjunction with KRA will make it possible for taxpayers to have online identities called digital certificates to file returns and apply for personal identification numbers.

Away from the usual risky use of passwords to do transactions, the use of digital certificates will make it possible for those conducting e-commerce to authenticate the persons they are dealing with online and also make the contracts enforceable in court. On the other hand the government will also be in a position to handle sensitive data calling for security of these records.

The move comes as a result of piling pressure for the Revenue Authority to collect more taxes as the national budget continues to increase annually. This will also put Kenya on the map as the second state in Africa to implement the modern service after Cameroon.

Individuals will now have ease in accessing government services online as well as effect e-commerce which in this case includes e-banking. This makes Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) the first government agency to test the certificates which will have other governmental bodies follow.

Currently, the digital certificate use is on internal pilot test which is among KRA and ICT authority employees before officially launching the service in November. Digital certificates will also assist the government in curbing fraud which has been the major cause of revenue loss in the country. Besides the great benefit the move has on the government, businesses also stand a chance of upgrading to more efficient and convenient e-transactions since they will now be in a position to handle sensitive information.

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Expected on board will be big taxpayers who will now monitor transactions and any other online related activities better. KRA transactions will also be easier for individuals who don’t have to keep filling manual forms.

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