Etihad Airways Boeing 777 Aircraft fliers will now enjoy “Etihad Wi-Fly” solution, a move powered by Panasonic Avionics Global Communications Suite and On Air’s in-flight connectivity solution to enable mobile and internet connectivity across its entire fleet of 24 Boeing 777 passenger aircraft.

The milestone makes Etihad Airways the first in the region and one of the few airlines in the world to offer mobile and internet connectivity services on every aircraft. This comes only months before the airlines entire fleet of 89 passengers aircraft is connected. The passenger fleet include; 28 Airbus A320s, 26 A330s 11 A340s and 24 Boeing 777 family aircraft.

The full suite of inflight connectivity services on the fleet includes Wi-Fi, mobile services and Live TV, which will make it easier for guests to stay in touch with friends, family and work while airborne. The airline that flies long-haul destinations across the airlines’ network such as Los Angeles, Washington DC, London, Manchester, Dublin, Sydney among others has emphasized on embracing new communications technology which is a competitive differentiator for guests who will enjoy on-board seamless connectivity at 35,000 feet, similar to what they expect at home or work.

The mobile connectivity service can be accessed by guests using their mobile phones and smartphones to make and receive phone-calls, send and receive text messages and emails as well as use mobile data services. The LiveTV on-board service allows guests to watch live news and major sporting events on seven popular television channels including BBC, World News, CNBC, CNN, euronews japan’s NHK World premium, Sky, News Arabia and Sport 24.

Cabin crew and flight deck operations will also utilize Wi-Fi connections to handle medical emergencies, handle passenger issues by phone or email in real time with the airlines ground teams. The on-board internet connectivity will increase on-board retail opportunities with the added benefit of real time credit card transactions.

Internet packages start at US$5 which can be purchased using credit cards, Paypal and a rage other payment methods. Mobile telephone usage will be billed by the guest’s mobile service providers based on the international roaming rates levied by the service providers.




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