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She will connect program may seem unreachable or sound like just another roll out for the tech savvy. You will be surprised to know how much this relates to the common woman in the society who finds technology a hard nut to crack. Intel is working with a number of organizations in Kenya to implement and scale the program, including organizations that are implementing digital literacy training, providing co-funding support, contributing to program design and providing content.

It is proven, if women are empowered, they will more likely contribute to the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

The ICT Authority

The Kenyan Authority body promoting ICT literacy, capacity, innovation and enterprise in line with the Kenya National ICT Masterplan 2017 is part of the critical initiative; she will connect to ensure Kenyan women have a grip on ICT a global tool for development.

Through the Youth Banner, a non-profit organization focusing on youth development and empowerment through entrepreneurship, the implementation partner will ensure the Pasha centres are well equipped to offer this training by providing them with relevant training and mentorship. Up to 27 counties already have well established Pasha centres to carry through the training.

Youth Banner will support Pasha Centres in creating awareness over the program with an aim of enrolling 2000 women and girls by end of 2014.

Safari Connect LTD

The retailer is well spread in the country with expertise in selling consumer technology solutions. In conjunction with the program, the company will recruit at least 50 Kenyan women aspiring to be entrepreneurs. The individuals must have completed Intel’s she will connect program in order to go through entrepreneurship training and mentoring and upon successful completion of the training, Safari Connect will assist them to set up their businesses by availing Safaricom products such devices, airtime, SIM cards, Modems at cost price.

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This means the budding entrepreneurs will get Safaricom products at dealer prices with a minimum investment of KES 50,000. Safari Connect will hand hold the selected entrepreneurs and guide them to run profitable businesses.  The entrepreneurship program will be deemed successful when these entrepreneurs reach a break-even point and at least 70% of the businesses become sustainable.

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Global Partners

The Rockefeller Foundation

The global partner will seek to connect those trained under Intel’s program to employment opportunities through the foundation’s Digital jobs Africa initiative. The foundation aims to impact 1 million lives in six countries in Africa by catalyzing sustainable  ICT enabled employment opportunities and skills training for high potential but disadvantaged African youth.

Rockefeller will provide tools and training that will provide them with best practice guides to assist them in successfully accessing online jobs, earn an income and build their skills and digital work experience.


The funding partner in collaboration with Intel Corporation Nethope, World Pulse, World Vision (WV), UN Women, and Women in Technology in Nigeria (WITIN) share a common interest in increasing access and use of the internet to enable women, families, communities and countries to realize the socio-economic benefits of more women and girls online.

In a bid to provide digital literacy for the fast growing range of women and girls between (15-25) years of age who lack opportunities for employment and skills development, the Alliance will work to make the Internet more relevant and engaging for girls and women. They will benefit from the information, knowledge and connections made available by the web and through information and communication technologies (ICTs) to help them access health and education information, economic opportunities, e-government services, national and global news and gender specific information.

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To enroll to the programme;

Visit any of the commissioned Pasha Centers

  • ( )
  • Register online
  • Go through Intel Easy steps modules
  • Sit for an online examination
  • Reward an on-line certification


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