CA regional ICT forums a step up to tech development

Communication authority formerly CCK responsible for facilitating the development of the Information and Communications sectors including; broadcasting, multimedia, telecommunications, electronic commerce, postal and courier services has lately opened up to the public in a bid to define its roles and services to the people.

In its transition from a commission to an authority, the regulatory body embraced; command, control and power as opposed to the commission in order to acquire new grounds in the society and establish new relations.

Owing to its mission and vision to ‘Facilitate the transformation of lives through progressive regulation of the Information and Communication Technology Sector and Access to and use of Information and Communication Services by all in Kenya by 2018 respectively, the authority body has rolled out Regional ICT Consumer Forums dubbed ‘Kikao Kikuu’ expected to roll out in all counties in the next two years.

The open forums that kicked off in Machakos County will work closely with key county opinion leaders and administrators to achieve responsibility and efficiency in line with their obligation. Kikao Kikuu project will provide a great platform to both the public and authority which aims at;

Establishing enormous economic values in your county

By opening up and establishing offices across regions, the regulatory body is looking to impact businesses widely by harnessing the potential of ICTs which will reduce the cost of business.  ICTs will help leapfrog economic and social developments of regions and better the living standards of the people. Easy accessibility to ICT facility will open up the use of technology which in return will act as a bridge to distance and time among business personnel across regions.

Defining consumer rights and responsibilities in ICT

In the past, ICT was meant for the chosen few with very limited access. Today, it is almost a need in the society; offices, schools, businesses and other entities running their operations using ICT as a tool. Communication authority will use kikao kikuu to educate people on rights to access ICT as well as highlight on what is expected of them in the same breath. This will include privacy right; as stated, Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience. The exposure will help ICT users and potentials understand the platform better and use it for development at an advanced level.

Establishing direct feedback channel from the public

For the longest time, the public did not know who to air views to or even share constructive or distractive ideas with. Communication Authority is the go to body for any matters concerning broadcasting, multimedia, telecommunications, electronic commerce, postal and courier services. County offices will handle county level queries and relay information necessary for the region in question. The authority will address key concerns affecting consumers.

Establish as source of credible and accurate information on ICT

Communication Authority of Kenya as an independent body will provide needed information to the public accurately put down for consumers. Already having a website portal open to the public, individuals can access information at their convenience as well as enquire on any details they might need. The body will provide updates on different services and products through the communication channels in various offices.

Partner with county governments and parties of interest

The regulatory body will collaborate with county government departments in relation to public needs and services to be rolled out in the regions. The partnerships will help the Authority reach the people’s needs at county level and provide solutions depending on the problem and specifically for the location.

Communications authority has already established offices in different parts of the country most recently being Kisumu and Nyeri counties. This will mean evolved services from the communication authority and an upgraded attachment with the public the body promises on providing; Integrity, Transparency and Diligence in the regional campaign.


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