M-Pesa Pre-pay safari card the better option.

Credit cards are not what we see on advertisements, it is not hear say on the streets, not the sleek mode of payment it comes with. It is more of discipline demand than just a plastic card that alternates heavy notes in our pockets.

No one wants to buy commodities and services more than they should or even worse double the price. Credit cards came in as amour before the difference of owning and not owning one came to be quite tangible to a vast number of people both negative and positive. Emphasis on the negative because personally, I don’t see why I should use money I can’t see as layman would have it.

There are already enough bills to surprise me at the end of the month and the credit card bill that stands to collect interests in a case of payment delay should not be an additional. Depending on the financial institution one has signed a contract with, card providers will have minimum repayment that they require each month either flat cash amount or a percentage of the amount you owe, at least it has to be the highest.

Credit cards can take the matter as far as default notes on your credit file which can affect your ability to take out loans, mortgages and other products in the future. Paying the minimum repayment requested by your card company won’t contribute much to paying off your balance but will only clear any interest that has built but only reduce the overall debt by tiny amount.

Cash advances are good. Everyone is in agreement here however, the rates one should pay to get the advance can be ridiculous one will pay between 2 to 4 percent to acquire an advance which later attracts high interest rates which leaves you in recurring debt anyway.

On the other hand, Low introductory rates may be an attractive option, but they last only for a limited time. When the teaser rate expires, the interest rate charged on your balance can jump dramatically. This is why those who choose to go the credit card way should keenly read the terms and conditions of before signing up for the payment mode.

Meet the swapping better option

Today, telecommunications companies in Kenya have introduced an alternative and for that matter a reasonable alternative for credit cards. M-Pesa Prepay Safari Card. It is an international prepay VISA card that needs to be pre-loaded with money, in Kenya Shillings, that can be withdrawn in any currency from over 1.6 million Visa ATMs worldwide or be used to make purchases at over 28 million VISA branded shops and other merchant outlets worldwide.

The prepay card can be reloaded for continued usage through M-Pesa and residual balances are also refundable. The card is open to any individual using a Safaricom line and is over the age of 18. Launched back in 2011, people should have known better by now. This is the only way you can acquire financial discipline; using money you have.

As a user, you can load and reload your card simply through your M-pesa this means freedom;There are never any late payment fees, ledger fees or over-the-limit fees. This card can be used to conduct online Internet transactions such as purchases, payments etc.

In terms of Convenience, Safari card is safer, cheaper and more convenient than carrying cash. One can as well de-activate the card after making a purchase online. The payment mode is more than we can bargain for, considering the wide spread of M-Pesa today, it is one subscribers should give a should give a second thought.


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