Equity in Collaboration with Oracle to take ICT to the next level

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  • Posted: September 12, 2014 at 4:33 pm

Because world economies are increasingly depending on technology, and technology itself has become an important sector globally, efforts must be made to enable Kenyan youth to become computer literate.

Moreover, in the emerging economic order, basic computer literacy means the ability not only to use software, but also to modify or create; in other words, to program.  To compete internationally, ICT competencies of Kenyan youth need to rise to global standards and they need to be encouraged to draw on their intellectually curious, creative and be motivated to critically think about their surroundings.

This is the motive behind Oracle-Equity collaboration on citizenship programs to help develop and grow ICT skills in Kenya a goal both organizations mutually share. The two organizations have launched the Oracle Academy Java Fundamentals training to introduce world-class technology to Kenyan high school students from as early as Form 1.  The training targets the Equity Group Foundations’ Wings to Fly scholars and their classmates, giving them access to more advanced computer skills that have real-world application using a fun and exciting approach that involves use of basic draft-and-drop animations (Alice) and use of simple interactive games and simulations (Greenfoot) to learn Java programming.

The initiative began with the training of thirteen Equity African Leaders Program scholars who participated in a week-long training-of-trainers to prepare them to in turn train upwards of 1,800 students across four high schools.

ICT skills are a key focus for government, business and industry alike. With the rapid adoption of technology in Kenya, there is need to help ensure that youth is equipped with the right skills to take advantage of career and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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“Oracle is committed to help teachers impart technology skills to their students that will be of relevance to a broad spectrum of careers, and ultimately support economic growth in Kenya.” said Jane Richardson, Director Oracle Academy, Europe Middle East and Africa.



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