M-KOPA Solar and Safaricom Launch M-KOPA III

M-KOPA in collaboration with Safaricom has rolled out M-KOPA III in line with its campaign to provide clean lighting solutions to millions of homes that are not on the electricity grid. The system makes high quality solar affordable for everyone. By offering the mobile installment method of paying for solar energy, the company has pioneered a better way to supply safe power to millions of off-grid homes in Kenya

The safaricom-branded solar system is the company’s third-generation pay as-you-go solar home solution. It comes with two LED solar lights and one solar rechargeable LED torch, and a larger 8W panel that gives 60% more charging capacity. Customers will also get a solar rechargeable radio, mobile phone charger and a larger battery. The M-KOPA III is upgradeable to include two additional solar lights – sold separately.

M-KOPA solar is now connecting 2,000 homes to solar every week, and even bigger growth lies ahead they have over 300 staff and 750 sales agents across the country who earn a good income selling M-KOPA products and services.

The system is already connected to 90,000 Kenyan homes to clean energy and with upcoming suite of Safaricom branded devices they aim to reach at least 1 million homes within the next four years. It is more affordable compared to other lighting alternatives for people who do not have electricity.

Jesse Moore, Managing Director and Co-Founder, M-KOPA Solar, says, ‘’We are very proud of the M-KOPA III product and our ongoing partnership with Safaricom.  Together we are helping Kenyans get rid of kerosene, improve their standard of living and save money all at once.  It’s a win-win for everyone. We welcome others to join our growing team and be part of this great company.”

Following the removal of VAT on solar-powered devices, M-KOPA Solar has also announced a price reduction on the new units. Customers will now only pay an initial deposit of KES 2,999 followed by 365 daily payments of KES 40 (down from KES 50).

“The MKOPA III provides families with improved health, brighter light and reduces the risks associated with having a naked flame. By putting our brand on this device, we demonstrate our commitment towards harnessing mobile technology to build a brighter future for the country.” says Safaricom’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Collymore.

It is available on a risk-free basis to customers who want to test the benefits of solar power for themselves. The KES 2,999 deposit is fully refundable at any time during the payment period, and the M-KOPA III comes standard with a 2-year warranty. After 365 of KES 40 daily payments, the device is unlocked with no further payments required.

According to impact statistics, M-KOPA has provided ksh12 Million Hours of kerosene-free lighting enjoyed by M-KOPA Solar households per month (estimate based on average 125 hours of lighting per household per month) with 3million transactions since its launch. KES 6Billion is the Combined projected savings by existing M-KOPA Solar households (estimate based on 4 year average usage of solar system, or 64,000 Ksh per household).








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