Social Currency: You could soon be lucky to buy products and services using tweets

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Today’s business setting is nothing to compare with five years ago. Social media platforms have changed the face of business and the process it follows breaking time and geographical barriers for business personnel. This has gone as far as using social media as a form of payment. Technology sure is part of the renown wonders.

Facebook and Twitter are the top dogs in terms of social currency which in layman’s language is the extent to which people share the brand or information about the brand with others as part of their daily social lives.  Social Currency moves social initiatives and campaigns beyond marketing and communications efforts to impacting and changing entire industries and categories. Consumers and customers benefit as well as they increasingly participate in social platforms, and use social technologies.

Google too has played part in the development of social currency. A case in point is Google that linked search to key words which in turn created one of the most valuable firms in the world. And with it, Google built one of the strong brands, according to one source; Google’s brand is worth more than $55 billion.

Companies worldwide have embraced Social media as a branding platform since the reach is higher than the usual formal ways of marketing. I was at a technology savvy convention where United States International University Vice-Chancellor Professor Freida Brown was one of the speaker giving a talk on social media, I remember her praise on social media as a platform for branding that got the institution vast audience just from a simple clip put up on YouTube as opposed to formal modes that they had applied earlier.

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Today’s audience has kept it simple. Its time Kenyan companies and business heads practiced social currency. Top twitter users are the future business co-coordinators and people you will want to call for promotions thanks to multiple tweets. Social media ardent users could turn the platforms to real money any day. Celebrities are also a target crowd for social currency thanks to multiple tweets and followers.

The future is bright on this one. The earlier we all embraced it the better. Think about why your target audience may want to share a piece of content you are planning to create. If you’re a company looking to produce thought leadership about why the cloud is changing the business world, focus your content on the ways the cloud cuts cost and improves efficiency. Then introduce best practices for readers to follow in order to implement changes within their own organizations.

Sam Gichuru CEO and Co-Founder at an accelerator in Nairobi called Nailab and his partner Billy Odero have a project underway- a neat hack to help businesses in the country voice products and services. The app called Twpple designated to give SMEs voice in the society which is better reach. Users only need to log in even from their mobile phones and make noise about an event, launch, promotion and a company’s information.

The platform comes after the duo got to interact with business owners who wanted to know the right ways to go about with social media for business purposes. The platform will give them a chance to reach more customers and grow a relationship with the community.

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Social media is already a ‘Source of Income’ with an upcoming launch of the first ever tweet shop in London where the company will offer its services to people who actively use the hash tag on twitter in return,  tech savvy users can get their nails done and browse through Marc Jacobs clothing and accessories.

The Tweet Shop will feature Daisy-themed artwork by Langley Fox, a Marc Jacobs nail bar, a live Daisy photo booth and DJ set by Hana Hanra. Customers will be encouraged to take photos at the events, with the most creative snap winning a luxurious Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag.

Quoting the Entrepreneur a material by Starr Hall, people should have tricks up their sleeves for satisfying feed back;

1. Use advanced search options to locate opportunities. The advanced search opportunities at allow you to insert keywords that people would use in conversations to find you or your product or service. Additionally, the search function allows you to target tweets from a certain area so that you can stay within a community. This helps allow local businesses to reach out to tweeters in their area.

2. Tweet often to boost search-engine optimization. Tweeting often not only helps you to stay active on newsfeeds but improves your ranking in online searches. Be sure to use keyword-rich phrases in your tweets as often as possible. If you can’t get your company name or personal name as your Twitter handle then make sure to include it in your bio. Because your bio on Twitter is public and open to search, using keywords in it such as your company name can help Google index content that’s relevant to your business.

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3. Reach people on mobile phones. With mobile messaging becoming one of the best ways to connect with your prospects, an option on Twitter will allow you to have your tweets directly sent as a text to your followers. Choosing Twitter over a text marketing company can save you money and time.

4. Change link headlines each time you tweet them to boost traffic. Increase traffic to new blog posts or other content you share on Twitter by tweeting them 10 to 20 times using slightly different headlines each time. Twitter is a tool than can help you discover what your target market is talking about and searching for. And when used correctly, it can boost your connections and website traffic.

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