The Kenya Defence Force Twitter Account hacked again.

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Drop all the street camera budget, drop the heavy armor budget, the fancy walkie talkie project for the Kenya Police and invest on proper ICT for security’s sake! KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) woke up to a series of dramatic tweets on the Kenya Defense Force handle which had been taken over by Anonymous a group claiming responsibility for the hack.

This caught Kenyans barefoot. Already dealing with rampant insecurity issues in the country, the last thing we want to hear is a hacked security body account. Not when we most trust in the defense force to deal with the enemy.

Well, the anonymous group had a lot to say to the government maybe GOK has not provided the right platform for Citizens to air their views and place criticism. Tribalism, Impunity, poaching, drugs were some of the concerns ‘Anonymous’ raised in the series of tweets. The content is enough to say this is a local tech savvy project and not outsiders like it would always be.

The hackers have gone on and on to claim the anglo-leasing money which they say belongs to Kenyan citizens who are starving and languishing in poverty. They have uploaded pictures showing hungry children and women queuing for food saying the last thing Kenyans want is new armory.

The government has also been accused of protecting drug barons in the country punishing the wrong people instead. Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo and Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku have been asked to resign owing to the fact that insecurity still sits in Kenya and the responsible bodies headed by the two individuals are helping out with nothing.

The KE Police account was under attack too not so long ago. Maybe that came out as a joke to many with all the ridicule that flies between citizens and officers which was evident today when the hackers decided to ridicule the police by twitting; “Catch me if you can: D,”.  The Kenya Millitary account hacked is definitely a red flag. It is not funny in any way in any case, this is a disgrace to the country.

“President @ukenyatta says KE safe.

Then he buys a heavily armored vehicle.

All for one & one for all !”

— Kenya Defence Forces (@kdfinfo) July 21, 2014

“Dear @UKenyatta By popular demand,

the people have requested that u PISS OFF!”

— Kenya Defence Forces (@kdfinfo) July 21, 2014

 They did not mean decency. Not even to his exellency President Uhuru Kenyatta who has been spotted in a new ride I hear is bullet proof (not one I know much about) but yes, word has it and of course I check my tabloids right so he is doing no Mercedes or passat but an armoured car, RCV survivor one, manufactured in Austria by the company Franz Achleitner Fahrzeugbau and Reiffenzentrum. I bet at this point Kenyans feel like the master feeds first then they follow.

Major Emmanuel Chirchir KDF’s spokesman was not spared either his twitter account was also attacked. As it would be a formality, he assured Kenyans of damage control which seemed like it when he posted a tweet thanking PSCU Kenya Digital for recovering their account. Of course we knew they were working round the clock to save face but the Anonymous group seems to have declared war and is not resting on this. Just a few hours ago, around 8:45pm, the hackers were back to business.

Account hacked Again by @Anon_0x03 and Anonymous Kenya!

As you would guess, the Kenya Defense Force @kdfinfo retweeted since once again, it is under attack. The group seems to have come back with more for the government now Ministry of Migration and registration account and integrated financial management information system hacked too.

This seems to be a continuing drama which is sadly out of control with all the technology personnel deployment in the military let alone the government, it continues to be a shame and disgrace for the country.

With a ‘Digital government’ headed for the ‘e’ error, e-registration, e-banking and the likes, Kenyans now feel more insecure than ever since fragile documents are at large.



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