Insurance buyers to enjoy ‘Plug and Play’ system for quicker purchase.

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Forget all the paper work and intermediaries when purchasing insurance. is the online portal that will see insurance buyers have it easy thanks to Bima247.

The platform will give insurance buyers simpler, more efficient and convenient process compared to the current processes. Powered by bima247, software developed by Cubic Media Systems and Logistics, a Kenyan based software development company and Transafricana Risk and Insurance Agency, the insurance cover is provided by Jubilee Insurance Kenya, the largest insurer in the country.

Insurance industry in Kenya has lagged behind in embracing technology overly relying on paper work and labor intensive processes that has seen management in the same fall apart. The maiden move by Jubilee will see reduction in the number of handoffs between proposers, insureds, agents, adjustors and the company through automation of straightforward decisions whether on underwriting, claims or premium payments – using expert proprietary software.

The insurance buyer will also be in firm control of the process making it even more convenient. The service will also not limit geographical boundaries since customers will be in a position to get cover from anywhere else in the world at any time and day of the year with the simple to use, intuitive, secure, fast, interactive and much richer insurance buying experience. “We believe that Kenyans are busy and ‘your insurance in your inbox’ can only be a good thing for the time-constrained person” said Dr Chris Odindo Director of Bima247.

“Bima247 is a powerful, proprietary, internet-based, fully integrated insurance rating and payment system. It is a first of its kind in Kenya. It is a white label ‘plug-and-play’ system that will significantly benefit key stakeholders in the sector such as the insured, agents, brokers and the insurance company. Insurance organisations can see how bima247 works by visiting the online portal”, said Stanley Ngumo, the company’s development director.

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For insurance companies and brokerages, the core system not only allows them to take advantage of a new distribution and delivery channel – that makes products and services available 24/7, 365 days anytime anywhere in the world – but also bring down costs significantly through its highly optimized automated service delivery pathways.

Other insurance companies can easily integrate with their existing systems since the proposal forms and questions used the same standard industry paper based ones. The only difference is that they are digitalized and in a way that allows the system to make an intelligent assessment of the risk.

Consumers will only have to log onto, enter their details once and never have to worry about completing another proposal form or as long as they are with us. Once that’s done, they get a quote either on screen or through their emails. They then pay online through any type of the available payment methods in Kenya, and if their proposal is accepted, they will get their insurance documentations through the post, or collect them in person from responsible underwriters. When that’s done, they will receive an email or text timely reminders when renewal is due.

Bima247 will have a significant impact on how insurance business is conducted in Kenya and also change how people consume insurance.  It will also help small insurance agencies and brokers get an online presence in a quick and affordable way.




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