Three ways Wiper beats WhatsApp

Is WhatsApp the best messaging App out there? According to user statistics yes but here are the three ways Wiper beats WhatsApp hands down:

Before we start, my WhatsApp is about to expire and I don’t do credit cards; how do I renew the service? Five days ago Safaricom in partnership with Nokia launched operator billing where Nokia Lumia users can now buy Apps by using airtime. This move was praised as a one of the best roll outs from Safaricom but after browsing through the press releases on the subject, I didn’t get a solution to my predicament. Safaricom, are you able to come to our aid as far as WhatsApp subscription is concerned?

Since I am unable to renew my WhatsApp subscription for now, am in the look out for the next best messaging platform that can offer same services as WhatsApp. Oh, they are many. We have the BBM that was not so long ago released to other ecosystems including Android. We also have Skype that well, has been left for professional conferencing, Viber that I really don’t know who uses except a friend who has lived in Germany for years, the forgotten Yahoo Messenger, and the infamous Facebook that people are running away from as far as chat and messaging is concerned.

No one uses the aforementioned messaging services, and no one uses Wiper – yet. Wiper is the messaging services that I would really love to use once my WhatsApp has expired…no, even now. The reason I would use Wiper anytime is simple: Wiper promises secrecy/privacy, ultimate control of messages sent and voice call.

Let’s go through two scenarios. You are chatting several people on WhatsApp simultaneously. The people you are chatting with are 1. Your spouse 2. The other person 3. Your boss.

You compose a message meant for the other person but instead of sending it to her you send it to your boss – then instead of sending “sorry wrong message” to your boss you send that to your spouse! You are cooked. Maybe Wiper cannot be of much help if the messages have been read…but if both your boss and your spouse were not on their phones at the time of receipt of message, Wiper allows you to delete the messages, not only from your phone, but from their phones too. If you delete after they have read you are cooked twice.

That brings me to scenario two. You have this other person in your life and she happens to be friends with your spouse. You fear exchanging chat messages because, probably, she could forget to delete your messages; which would mean possibility of your wife accessing them during their next meeting. You know you would be dead if she does. With Wiper, you don’t need to hold back sexting your side plans no matter who they are. Hold on, don’t do anything stupid and blame me for it.

Then there is this misinterpretation of double tick on WhatsApp. About a week ago my friend was very mad at her girlfriend for ignoring his WhatsApp message. “Why can’t she reply and she has read the message? It has been five minutes since she read the it!” He cried. “How do you know she has read the message?” I asked. He showed me the WhatsApp double ticks. “No, the double ticks don’t mean the message has been read”, I explained.

The first tick indicates the message has been delivered to WhatsApp servers. The second tick means the message has been delivered from the servers to the recipient’s phone. The first tick, when paralleled with standard text messaging, equals to the notification “Sent” once you have sent a text message. The second text equals “Delivered” that you receive if you enabled delivery report.

But  with Wiper, not only do you get a notification that the message has been sent to the server and delivered to the recipient, you also get notified when the recipient reads the message. Is that not cool? It’s like using Outlook!

On Outlook, there was this time I sent the wrong email to my boss. I tried to recall it (same way Wiper promises to delete messages on recipients phones) but the deletion never worked. So if you indulge yourself with sexting on Wiper hoping that you’ll actually delete messages remotely, I repeat, don’t blame me if that doesn’t work…seamless Internet connection is Key.

Lastly, you should use Wiper because you can make calls on it too. When Facebook acquired WhatsApp, we were promised that by June 2014 we should be able to make VoIP calls from WhatsApp but we are already in July and no such service has materialized. But don’t be in haste to download Wiper simply because you think you can make free VoIP calls. I’m sure you’ll be using the crappy Safaricom’s Internet for that and believe you me, you’ll be saying more “Hello” than you would actually hold a proper conversation. Ability to have VoIP calls on Wiper is a good reason to download the App but not for Kenyans on Safaricom or Airtel Internet.

To download Wiper, visit your ecosystems market place e.g. Play Store for Android users. Hope you enjoy your wiper. If so, tell me whether it is true that Wiper beats WhatsApp so that I can download it too.


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